Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reauxllin'... (& a sale)

This weekend I embark on a trip with my sisters and nephew to the BCS National Championship game to support ...

my favorite bama logo...

the Alabama Crimson Tide!  My goal for tomorrow is to make a fan sign saying "Reauxll Tide" (you know, since we say Roll Tide but we will be in Cajun Country).  In honor of the big game I am putting the following patterns on sale in my little shop on Patternspot.

For my fellow Bama fans,

Houndstooth Heritage.  This contains the free addendum for pattern purchasers, Houndstooth Magic (it's super speedy!).

For the LSU fans in the bunch,

Tiger Tails, a pattern which uses guided improvisation to make the look of real tiger stripes.

This price will last until after the game is played (and hopefully Alabama will be victiorious!).

PS. here is the sign I will be rockin'!


  1. Although I am certainly not an Alabama fan (hook 'em horns!), I have been dying to make this quilt! Thanks for the sale!

  2. Oh No!!!! As an LSU alumni, I may have to pretend to cover my eyes while I read your blog from now on....


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