Thursday, December 29, 2011

Finished: Sunkissed Rectangles

This is a quilt that was completed during the last days of the dog (hence the crappy photos) and ya know what...I had to post this before January hits.  I don't want any bad stuff lingering into next year. 

This quilt was made with leftovers of a Sunkissed Layer Cake.  I just sliced them up the middle and sewed 'em up.   Pretty anti-climactic after months of mulling over possibilities.  In the end I went with simple because this baby has been born a while and I seriously need to get this DONE.  I sewed together a few rectangles a day until was done.  I did Amie's trick of photographing my layout on my phone so I didn't get confused over the many days of construction.  I also downloaded a photo app that allows me to see the quilt in black and white...instant value check!  The app is called CamWow and it's pretty obnoxious but it IS free and the kids enjoy using the other features like facial distortion or tie-die effects. 
I echoed each seam for the quilting and machine bound this quilt...yup, I did.  I really love hand binding but I just wasn't feeling it for this.  Just too much going on in life.  I backed it in some cotton flannel from Tuesday Morning ($1.49/yard...woop woop).  I  used white flannel for batting. I like the drape and living in Houston a lighter quilt is probably even more useful than a heavy one. I bound it up in a solid fat quarter and some scraps

Hopefully now I can deliver it to the baby while she is small enough to be bundled in it!


  1. It looks perfect for a little girl. Sweet and cuddly.

  2. Aww, I'm sure the wee girl will love it, it looks like it would be lovely and warm

  3. I love simple quilts like this - so pretty!

  4. Good to know I'm not the only one who does the phone picture layout thing. I always thought I was odd for doing it! Love this quilt - this is a beautiful line of fabric and this pattern really lets the prints shine.


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