Monday, December 5, 2011

feed{sack}ing frenzy...

I have always held a secret dream that one day I would own a massive hoard of feedsacks. I love seeing the weird little designs and I really love thinking about getting a bonus of free fabric when you are buying boring stuff like groceries. I think if I got cute fabric every time I got a new bag of flour or sugar, I'd be as busy of a baker as I am a quilter. In my mind, I owned 2 feedsacks:
 Well a few weeks ago I decided to pop into a local junk-tique store because one of the vendors always carries vintage fabric and she is always very affordably priced. I made a bee line to her booth and noticed a basket brimming full with...


Now every antique store in America probably has a feedsack or two at least, but are they...FIFTY CENTS???
 And I scooped up every last one of them!

A week later I visited my family in Alabama and visited their junk store.  Armed with my new feedsack spotting expertise, I found a cute printed feedsack and several white feedsacks with faded designs that had been sewn together to make a ..tablecloth?  This was a great find because, according to a more experienced quilting friend, ideally you should sew older fabric to older fabric. 

 Inside was this sweet feedsack slip. 
Across the bosom it says very faintly "Pride of Dixie."  Move over, Victoria's Secret!

 Most of my bags are just white, but I did have a few advertising slogans.  Unfortunately, this was is for fertilizer!
 And the cutest one is for bird poop fertilizer!  Unfortunately I don't see myself making those cute shabby chic pillows with these bags o' bird poop. 

I went back through my old fabric stash armed with my new found spotting ability and found 2 more feedsacks:

Later this week I will give you some feedsack identification tips as well as tips on cleaning them so the only thing funky about them is their design!


  1. Jea - lous!! What a huge score, MLB. I might have to visit the antique mall near my house to see if I can find some for my stash.

  2. Heartiest congratulations on your feedsack blessings. I remember being a tiny child and climbing into the back of our Studebaker pick-up truck and telling my grandpa which bags to feed first so my mama could make me dresses!

  3. Lol, just cut off the part that says "Fertilizer" and no one will be the wiser.

  4. What a great find! My grandma grew up in the 30's and lived in an awesome 150 year old farm house. Sadly, the farm had to be sold. But, I'll always wonder what kind of treasures she had hidden!

  5. What, no sleeping on the bird poop? ;o) Those feed sacks look fab, I don't think I've ever seen any over here - I must ask my gran, she worked in the Co-op from when she was 14, so she would know!

  6. Wow! What a good deal you got on those. You should see the prices they get on ebay for them.

  7. Whoopee! What great finds! Have fun with these!

  8. I can't wait to get the hints!!!

  9. When we cleaned out my Grandmother's house (about 15 years ago) my Mother snagged up all of her feedsacks! When my Mother passed (about 7 years ago) there was only one left! I have it in my stash and am waiting for just the right project for it!! I do have a lovely tote that my Mother made for me out of one of the feedsacks and it is my prized posession!! I us it ALL the time! These are LOVELY gems! I cannot wait to see what you do with them!! I love feedsacks!!

  10. wow that is an impressive haul of stuff. those feedsacks are so cute and i must say the fertilizer bags are hysterical....

  11. what amazing bargins!! you certainly hit the jackpot there! I'm completely green with envy :)


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