Thursday, September 15, 2011

You oughtta be in pictures...

At the urging of my best friend, Amie, I created a Tulip Patch Flickr Group.  Sometimes I got pictures and emails from people who have used my patterns or tutorials and honestly there is no bigger thrill for me.  I love seeing what you've done...most often I prefer yours to the original!

If you've made something from a pattern or tutorial or if you've just made something from inspiration you've found on this blog, post it to The Flickr Pool!  If you had free motion quilting success because of the FMQ tutorial series , post it to the flickr pool!  I'm going to leave you with the first images added to the pool.  Click the photo to learn more about the talented quilters behind them!

Bliss Washed
Amie flipped over this one.

roll tide for Dr. V
My mother-in-law made this one...she took Houndstooth Heritage and made it her own!

XOXO Christmas
This is a Road to Tennessee made with 8" blocks instead of charms...makin' it her own...!

Central Park Cracker Box

Ritzy Cracker Quilt


A Ritzy Cracker Quilt

I hope you guys add more projects.  I would LOVE to be able to feature these regularly on my blog.  I often find a pattern I wrote redone by someone else and find I like theirs better.  Thanks so much to everyone who has emailed me pictures or uploaded their photos to flickr.  It is truly a thrill for me!


  1. well, how surprising to open your post & see my Bliss quilt there! I LOVE this quilt & use it all the time - actually made it for my granddaughter to use here at my house. It's a great pattern. Thanks!! :-)

  2. my gosh I love these, so beautiful, great posts

  3. Love, love, love looking at quilt pics. Am I supposed to be working? ;)


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