Friday, September 16, 2011

All New...The Dance Steps Pattern (& a HUGE announcement)!

 Introducing my latest pattern: Dance Steps.  I love the movement of this quilt.  If Fred Estaire were a quilt, this is what he'd look like.  I  LOVE it!  The pattern includes 3 sizes: baby (45"x54"), lap (54"x72"), and twin (72"x90").  It is charm pack friendly, scrap friendly, and beginner friendly.  Just plain FRIENDLY! No bias edges, nothing scary at all.

What if you switched the white fabrics and the prints?  What if you only used solids?  What if you used your favorite charm pack for the prints?  You'd have totally different quilts.  Bang for your buck, folks!

You know I wasn't going to go somewhere with big train caboose and not take Train Kid.  Look at those feet poised for his next move.  He totally got in the fountain while I was taking this next picture:

Now if you want to make a Dance Steps Quilt of your very own, guess what...Dance Steps along with many of my other patterns will now be sold in PDF form through the Fat Quarter Shop!  I'm so excited to have such an awesome quilter friendly fabric store carrying my patterns and taking care of one of the things I'm not great at.  More time for creating new patterns!

Tiger Tails , and Shadowboxer are all over there, too!
 I'd love to know what you think about Dance Steps!


  1. Love the new pattern. Super excited for you.

  2. what a great look, I have so many charms that I cut out myself, and EQ hint hint...looks great with the alternate white...

  3. Beautiful. Love the stars that show up in the secondary pattern.

  4. Oh my goodness I love it! With the fabrics you chose it just screams fall at me (nicely -.<) It looks like when you get a gust of wind and a whole bunch of leaves fall, spinning (and dancing) around you in a flash of color <3
    Oh you're making me wax poetic too! Apparently I need to get this pattern...

  5. I love it! I had a similar quilt bookmarked at Moda Bake Shop but this is a better use of my Joel Dewberry charm packs. Just need to go get some solids! Love!

  6. Very cute! I am glad the fat quarter shop is working with you. I have no idea how to make patterns but I would like to try. Ideas are just swarming in my brain!!

    I like this quilt a lot by the way :)

  7. Mary, this is a great quilt! Love it-and you are persuading my to like orange here, too!

  8. It makes me want to put on my dancing shoes and go dancing. Congratulations!

  9. Dance Steps is a beautiful quilt. So cheerful. Love it.


  10. OOOHHH! Love this! Where are my charm packs? ;)

  11. This quilt would be great for an autograph quilt. Send out the white pieces with freezer paper on the back and have people sign them. Perfect for a comfort quilt, and you also post the sizes for a comfort quilt. Great! Or, done in school colors for a reunion or graduate. Lots of possibilities. Good job on this quilt.


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