Thursday, April 21, 2011

Twill tape quilt labels...DIY

For months I have mentally stored this tutorial just waiting for a time when I had t-shirt transfer paper and twill tape and a bit of time.  This is a fabulous idea and I wanted to share the tutorial and my results with y'all.

I printed some on white twill tape and the rest on natural twill tape.  I scored the all cotton twill tape for 79 cents a yard at Joann.  I may have also been greedily hoarding Denyse Schmidt fabric while at said Joann. 

I used my MAC Word program to write Mary Lane Brown and The Tulip Patch...lots of copying and pasting.  I used a 10 font in American Typewriter, but I think I could/should have gone up to 11 or 12 and still fit on 1/2" tape. 

One word about reversing your text to mirror image... I had a hard time figuring this part out.  I ended up and printed off a sheet with the text going in the right direction and then scanning that sheet into my scanner.  Once scanned, I opened up the scanned image in MS Paint...making sure my page orientation as changed to portrait vs the default of landscape.  I then clicked "flip horizontally" under the the edit/resize area.  I'm sure there is an easier way, but don't look to this tech-challenged girl to find it.  Always run a test print on plain paper so you don't waste the expensive T-shirt transfer paper!

I plan on sewing these into my binding seams like a loop tag.  I feel weird writing my whole name on a quilt I give to people, but I do feel I probably SHOULD be labeling.  How do you label your quilts?


  1. Here's something to try - my printer has a bunch of options where you can choose what kind of paper you are using. If I use the one that says 'iron-on' (or something like that) it will print in reverse for me.

  2. For my giveaways to family and friends, I embroider my name onto the the backing. However, for the ones I put in my Etsy shop I printed off a sheet labels onto printable fabric, cut them out and applique them on. Far more time consuming than twill tape and T-shirt transfer paper! Thank you for the tip!!!

  3. I not only put my first and last name but also my middle name, because it is my Grandma's name and I want to honor her. She wasn't a quilter per say but a practical housewife who raised 6 kids, growing and processing her own food and making clothes and coverlets for necessity saving and reusing. Also I usually name the quilt and date it.


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