Friday, April 22, 2011

train wreck.

 Shameful, isn't it?  My sewing area is a hot mess.  In my defense the trains are put up there by my youngest.   I am trying a new work layout and it is just not working for me.  Stuff is much harder to keep organized.
 But when it gets all clean and tidy I found a few this little USA Pottery mini teapot (?).  My cow shaped creamer got broken and I needed something else to keep extra water for my thirsty rowenta.  This holds much more (even though it is not as cute as the little cow was).
 and I found a sewing machine drawer that was in beautiful shape for $1.  I even found that houseplant in it for free on the side of the road.  A neighbor was getting rid of it, so I'm trying to root it.  I can't wait to clean up my space so I can find a great use for this drawer.  Suggestions welcome!
 And I found a Slice for 34.99!  After a LOT of help from Darlene the Sewcal gal, I was able to get it to work on fabric!  She is posting a tutorial soon but if you need help before then just email me and I will be glad to "pay it back" by helping you out.
The slice was a really serendipitous find since I am smack dab in the middle of a project where I am cutting out tons of letters...this is a moda bakeshop project in the works using Kate Spain's Flurry.

Do you let your work space get this messy?


  1. I cannot stand a messy workspace. I am in the midst of a messy project. It is using old clothes and I hate the clothes being every where. I've got them in piles by color. And I'm going crazy!!!!

    I can't wait to see your project!

  2. My sewing "studio" {aka the dining room} is a complete mess right now. I have at least 6 projects that I'm working on and I'm not doing a good job of folding and putting away my fabrics after I cut them! I'm celebrating Earth Day by cleaning up my sewing sty. Remind me to tell you a funny story about the Slice Fabrique.

  3. What an amazing find on that SLICE! I can't believe you got that for only $35!!! Wow...I have one and paid lots more for it than that. I'll be looking for that tutorial. I've not even used mine yet...I'm sort of afraid to try it! I'll have to remember to come here or go there for help!

  4. The actual train wreck made me laugh so hard I'm glad I didn't have coffee in my mouth at the time. I don't know why, but it just struck me as funny surrounded by the "mess" that is your sewing area. Trust me, that isn't a mess. At one point I moved the sewing machine out of the craft room and into the dining room because I physically couldn't walk into it without endangering my life. It took four years before it was reintroduced. Personally I like the look of an organized craft area, but find that without being surrounded by everything I'm at my least cretive. Somehow I must find a balance.

  5. You did not see the wide shot. That was too shameful..people I know in real life read this blog!

  6. I think I need to know more about the Slice. Where did you get it so reasonable and I would definitely like to know how you cut fabric with it!!! Do I need one????

    I LOVE your little orange teapot! I have a few drawers too. I put a big doily inside so it droops over the outsides and put all kinds of things in there--thread, scissors, use your imagination!

    As for the children playing in your space, they are only small once and who can be creative without making a mess???

  7. tell me what the slice is used for?

  8. Store fat quarters in the sewing machine drawer. You can add a few silk flowers between the FQ's, for added fun.


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