Thursday, January 20, 2011

Passing it on...

Alright, Staci over the nominated me for this and Staci is right.  She IS confused!  Anybody who sees me rollin' through the school  drop-off line in my Nick & Nora Jammies will tell you that if I have a style, it is "comfy." 

There are a two rules for this award; one is that I have to share 8 things about myself, and the second, is pass the award to 8 other blogs.  

Anyway, I'm just gonna say a big thanks to Staci and pass it on to some other blogs I like to read...and I am gonna stick to small blogs.

1.Notes of Sincerity 
She is a super sweet gal.
2Sew Much Beauty
She is also a sweetheart...made me LOL once...and I am not an LOLer.
3.Sew Addicted to Quilting
Mad Sewing Skillz...check out her header photo if you need proof.
Another sweetie with sewing skillz...very new blog.
5.Fabric Warrior
My best friend who is a natural quilter.
My fellow Peanuts fanatic
7.Life On The Farm
My mother in law who also sews
8.Gena's Garden 
My cousin in law who is our own personal pioneer woman

Now 8 things about me (stolen from my facebook 25 random things about me note that we all just had to do a few mos ago).

1.I hate for my wrists to be touched. It is just so disconcerting to me. Most of the time I will wear 3/4 sleeve shirts, shirts that are way too big (like Erik's) or I will roll up my sleeves. I can't wear a watch and I have only worn bracelets that were very big a few times. Thank God I live in this warm climate!

2.I have worked as a Barista at 2 separate places. I don't like going to coffee houses because I know how the equipment SHOULD be cleaned and how few of my past coworkers ever DID that level of cleaning. The things I have seen will cure any $4 coffee habit.

3.I resist technology (except Tivo which was my homegirl from day 1)

4.  I have a rare thing with my genetic sequence or something where I sometimes test positive for HIV using standard tests. I have had to do a very expensive series tests to prove that I am not HIV + to the state of Texas (since I did birth a child here).  Major Drama...though I knew I didn't have HIV b/c I had a similar issue when I first donated blood at age 17.  Fun times taking your newborn baby into an appointment with one of the top HIV/AIDS OBGYNs in the country.  FUN TIMES!

5.  After my first date with my now husband, my friends were so nosy (spying out of a window when we got back) and when they asked how it went and I said "he's nice, but it's not like I'm gonna marry him!"  I'm glad I was wrong.

6.  I truly think my 6 year old will be a writer one day.  He's just too funny.  His kindergarten teacher got him started making books and I bought him a ton of barebooks to create because he did such a good job.  Last year he won the creative writer award.  Mommy suspicions: confirmed. 

7.  I knew I was having twins before the doctor said something about it.  I had symptoms really early and I just knew.  I didn't tell anybody because I really hate when people build it up in their head they are having twins and act like 1 healthy baby is a letdown. 

8.  I LOVE bathroom humor.  It's a good thing I have 3 boys...they think that is my best quality. y'all have any confessions to share, too???


  1. Enjoyed your 8 things and looking forward to checking out your blog list. 7 on your list are new to me, and I'm always happy to find new blogs to read!

  2. I enjoyed reading about you! I'm glad you received the award...and could smile at you in your pj's in public. =)

  3. Thank you thank you THANK YOU! I am honored and humbled! Aw man! I have to think of 8 interesting things...your 8 were great! Gonna be hard to top :)

  4. I am so excited for you Marylane!!!! You work really hard on your Blog!!! Am I going to need to do something? I could post pictures of my new,,,~get ready for this~,,,,embroidery machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just say "shut up"!!!!! (((hugs)))

  5. Mary, am I supposed to do something? You know you have to teach me everything. I started to IM you, but I have no shame,,, teach me girly!

  6. Mary, these had me literally laughing so hard I about cried. You have a talent for writing (among all your other talents!) I can definitely see where your son gets it from!


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