Thursday, January 20, 2011

Charlie Brown Quiltalong Part 1: The Supply List

As I have stated before, we will not start sewing until the first of March. Today I wanted to post all the supplies so you can take advantage of sales or get what you need. Our finished quilt will measure 54x63...a good lap size for a woman or snuggle size for a kid.

Fabric to represent the background (shirt color); 3 yds
(if you want to use the same fabric as your binding, you will have enough as your "scraps" to serve as your binding from this I will be using a yellow. Pick something that is solid or reads as solid and is nondirectional. ANY COLOR IS OK- this is YOUR quilt!

Zizzag fabric (I am using black): 1 yard

Backing fabric: Use a peanuts sheet if you have one. If not, you can use 3 3/8 yd fabric

Binding: as mentioned before, you can use your scraps of your background fabric as your binding. If you would like a separate color of binding, you can get 1/2 yd of the binding of your choice.

batting: 54x63" PLUS whatever extra you usually do. If you like 4" on either side, add 8" to both those numbers (64x 71). Again, this depends on you and your preferences.

HELPFUL TOOLS: It would be VERY helpful to have a square ruler greater than 10.5" We are going to be constructing our HSTs out of 10.5" squares and trimming them down to 9.5" The rest of our quilt will pretty much be a whole cloth quilt (yay, how easy!!!). This is beginner friendly and will go together quickly. I will give helpful hints on dealing with long seams and constructing HSTs.

A rotary cutter & mat are strongly recommended

Thanks for playing along and let me know if you have any questions at all!

Please email me if you have any questions.


  1. Im excited because Im thinking this may be another stash buster quilt. I will either pick two fabrics from my stash or maybe three. Or maybe scrappy stripe. Neat!

  2. Whee! Going to start looking for my excited.

  3. My canary fabric was back ordered. GO figure!! I am off to order more today. My quilt won't have a front or back this time. The "other" side I still plan to do peanut stitchery. FUN!

  4. Mary, did Charlie Brown have any other colors in his quilt? I have not found the ultimate yellow,,, what do you think?

  5. HELP...starting on this this week and next and part two isn't available.


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