Thursday, January 13, 2011

A little wonderland...

Yes, that is my dirty table and half rotten bananas...keepin' it real here!
If you recall, my BFF Amie bought me some Wonderland in exchange for quilting a baby quilt for her.  I wanted to keep the fabric for myself, but I didn't want YET ANOTHER quilt for me right now.  I have hung on to a few too many lately and there are more I feel I can't get rid of "just in case".  Anyway, I decided to make a table runner and some pillows so I could enjoy the fabric... it is probably my favorite non-American Jane line in memory.

My 7 year old (obviously unfamiliar with the concept of table runners) asked me "who's THAT quilt for???"  I said "somebody really tall and skinny."  He said "well then it's not for somebody in THIS house."  Ouch!!!  I just got schooled by a 7 year old.

And I made 2 quilted pillow covers.  The first was a simple patchwork, the other was my attempt at doing a 2nd generation disappearing nine patch that a commenter once mentioned.  I did not bother to look up the info again...just went on memory.  Big mistake- HUGE.  My 7 year old thinks the funky one is better, so we're keeping it up.  I love putting those pillows up on the couch (which is about a million times a day...apparently they are prime fort building materials).


  1. Super cute! I love how you kept the pillow as is. Just because it's not the right pattern doesn't mean it's not a pattern at all! I agree with your daughter, I like that one better too, there's movement; you are just not quite sure what's going on! The table runner looks great too!

  2. So cute! Wonderland is one of my favorites too. Your 7 year old sounds like my 7 year old LOL

    Jennifer :)

  3. I love pillows. If I put all my pillows on my couch, there isn't really enough room to sit down.


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