Sunday, December 5, 2010

Seen in traffic:

Yesterday the hubby chuckled and pointed out the license plate frame ahead of us:

Born to Quilt...


I was LOL'ing all up in that car. I know it's a weird post but I just had to share.

On a non quilt related note, I am selling tickets to the Fiesta Bowl (Connecticut vs. Oklahoma) and the Insight Bowl (Iowa vs. Missouri) for my seestur. Want to go...or better yet, want to send your husband so you can have some quilting time to yourself? Email me and I can hook you up with my listing!

Now I am going to have that song "OOOOOOO-klahoma" stuck in my head until these tickets are sold.

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  1. I love the license plate!! :o) Too cute!!
    Thanks for sharing it with us, it put a smile on my face for sure. :o)


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