Friday, December 3, 2010

Mrs. Claus...she is a crafty one.

I grew up in a family that was...wealth challenged.  My mother and father were hard working, smart people, but unfortunately that doesn't always mean a life without monetary struggles.  My sisters are quick to remind me that I am a spoiled rich kid compared to them.  They like to give me stories about wearing 1 pair of shoes throughout high school (um, all 4 years) and not having a phone PERIOD when I complained that we had a rotary phone when everybody else was using touch tone.  We did have a farm and at some point or another we had fish in a pond, chicken, bees, quail, guineas, cattle, pigs, geese, mules (which my dad was known for that gives you a clue about the stubbornness in my genetic makeup), sheep, sugar cane, and a vegetable garden.  My mom helped a lot with the gardening aspect as well as cooked our meals, canned, sewed, and crocheted.  My oldest sister gardens (and can cook).  My middle sister cooks (and can garden).  I sew (and I can do a little landscaping).  My mother was the domestic triple threat: she could do it all.

Christmas 1982 rolls around and money is tight.  I remember very distinctly that Christmas was on a Sunday that year...I remember that because I was so excited to go show off my haul because I knew I was a good girl and I knew I was going to get something fantastic.  I don't remember what else I got...and honestly it could be the ONLY thing I got, but at the very end of the gift giving, I got a little crocheted purse with a grandma doll face on the front.  In the purse was a little note in which Mrs. Claus herself told me that while Santa gives presents to most kids, the REALLY REALLY good kids get something handmade by her.  I took that mint green purse to church and was proud as a peacock.  It's one of the few things I vividly remember about Christmases past.

I have been richly blessed  by God with 3 of the best boys I am sure He ever put on this earth.  I think I might have to give my old friend Mrs. Claus a ring to see if I could ask for a favor...for old time's sake.


  1. I grew up quite wealthy. But life comes full circle; and this year there won't be Christmas presents at all. But, that's ok.

    We have a surprise baby boy that will turn one year old two days before Christmas. Last year's gift is just as precious to us this year!

    Our other children are understanding that this year Christmas just can't be about presents. But, we are all going to wrap one present and put it under the tree. (If we get a tree. Not sure about that yet. But, that's not important here) That present is something we are giving to Jesus. We will open and discuss them on Christmas. Won't that be nice?

    Now...I HAVE to ask.. your Nativity...I am the biggest Peanuts fan on earth. Really I am! Where did you get it?

  2. Oh how your post tugs at my heart. :o)
    Sincerely - Trish

  3. @Hillbilly Handiworks: I'm a huge Peanuts fan, too. I have one they call the Christmas Pageant that's made by Lenox. Pretty easy to find if you google it. It's pricey and I understand your circumstances from your post, but maybe you can find one on ebay?


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