Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Debate and Finish: Happy Campers Scrap Baby Quilt

Yesterday I finished attaching the binding to the twin size Happy Campers Jewel Box quilt that I'm working on.  Instead of hand stitching the binding to the other side, I decided to go ahead and get rid of all of the rest of my Happy Campers scraps via a baby quilt.  I still love the fabric, but after making 2 huge quilts with this line I really am done...don't wanna see it staring back at me from my fabric cupboard.  My American Jane scrap stash is getting a little obscene anyway.

I sewed 3 inch strips together and then divided the sections with a fussy cut little strip from the Camp Basics coordinates.

And I pieced all the scraps into the backing...I really hate piecing a backing together but this was about using fabric up.

 THE DEBATE: This is the first (and likely last) quilt I have tried to sell.  I don't want to make quilts for sale, but I don't have an immediate need for a baby quilt and I think 2 Happy Camper quilts is enough for any one family.  This was kind of an experiment for me and it confirmed all the reasons I don't want to quilt for money.

Materials Cost- $30
Time- 6 hours (that pieced backing killed me time wise and I hand bound it as always)
Unforeseen expenses: 4 ibuprofen- 50 cents
Etsy fees if it sells: ??

Cost: (and I personally think almost any handmade quilt is worth more, but I tried to price this based on other quilts on etsy to be competitive) $79.  And it may not even sell at that price...

That averages out to a number much too close to minimum wage.  I've got a college degree!  People don't seem to appreciate the time and money that goes into a quilt.

I found this cute little Alexander Henry print at Hobby Lobby today...8.99 but I used a 40 percent off coupon so it ended up being $5.39/yard.  I picked up a few yards for a backing for my next pattern.

And my mother-in-law saw my purse made out of Alexander Henry Sew Now Sew Wow and asked me to pick her up a bolt of it up at Hobby Lobby.  It ends up being 6.29 a yard there.  I think that's a great price for such cute, quality fabric.  I was shocked the first time I saw it there at HL.

And Christmas means potholders for teachers around here.  Most people are getting the tree potholders by Riley Blake but my oldest son's teacher gets some American Jane & some Moda Hoopla.  After I saw that she listed 2 of her fave things as Hot Pink and Tulips on her gift list (the school makes them do it) I knew I had to whip one up for her.  We tulip-lovin' gals gotta stick together.  I knew I liked her...

So back to the debate!!!  What do you think about selling a quilt...have you ever done it?  How do you decide what to charge?


  1. The baby quilt is an excellent use of Mary Jane prints. Simple but awonderful use of the camping alphabet also. Thanks for the ideas! Do you have a paypal account? I need that quilt!


    This is my listing.
    Thank so much for your sweet comments!

  3. I love the Alexander Henry birds also... Man,,, I need some of that too!!!! I am just a fabric hog!!!!

  4. First, congrats on your Bakeshop project; it's awesome!

    I have sold quilts but I primarily choose to do custom quilts because it seems that people who want custom understand how much work goes into a quilt and they are willing to pay a fair amount. I used to charge less but after I did similar math I decided that I was worth more and wasn't going to undercut myself or other quilters who sell their quilts. The only time I put a quilt up for sale is like your situation where I wasn't making the quilt for anyone in particular and I can't see a huge reason to keep it on hand.

    How do I decide what to charge?? I ask my husband... LOL

    Jennifer :)

  5. I have only recently begun to sell my quilts and have come to the same depressing conclusion, in order to sell them at a price people will pay, I end up working for minimum wage. If I charge what I know my time is worth, then I couldn't afford to purchase my own quilts (and I'm not sure how I feel about that either.) It certainly is a debate. On the other hand, if I don't sell them, what do I do with all the quilts that are starting to pile up in my sewing room???
    Your quilts are beautiful, good luck with sales!


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