Friday, October 1, 2010

The Archives: A Whirleygig Quilt

I'm busy working on my pattern still and it's stuff I just would love to show but can't. It's full of blood (thank you, rotary cutter) & sweat. Hopefully all tears will be the joyful variety. I decided for fun I will show you quilts I made before I started this here lil' blog.

Here is a quilt I made for my nephew for his high school graduation.

What did I tell you about not keeping a perfectly clean house in that last post?

This is the back. I decided I would do wonky log cabins in case he didn't like the more traditional look on the front. Hated it! It wasn't very fun for me. This backing showed me that I am not really a fan of making liberated quilts. It was not really relaxing for me. Everybody's different!

I loved these fabrics all stacked together but I was so over it when I was finished! I think that's just the thing with me and big quilts. I am really tired of them when I'm finished, no matter how beautiful I thought things were to begin with. Reason #42 my King Sized bed only has a duvet cover on it!


  1. What do you think it is, about the big ones? Is it the cutting, piecing or quilting? I have found that the actual cutting is the thing that drives me to madness. However, I am too economical to use exclusively precuts.

    I love the wonky log cabins; they went just perfectly :)

  2. Well you know I do not like to start new things with unfinished things still I start to feel trapped. I hate basting the worst. Basting is terrible. I found a basting gun at Tuesday Morning for $4 and bought it. I will do a review on the blog once I get up the courage to try it. So far every quilt seems too important to use as a guinea pig.


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