Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good ol' boy...

This quilt was made for my husband's 32nd birthday. He loves the Dukes of Hazzard.

Each block represents a was an idea my husband had. We have (left to right, top to bottom) Uncle Jesse, Roscoe, Boss Hogg, Bo, The General, Luke, Flash, Cooter, and Daisy. The pockets really work...I'm thinking you could hide a remote in Uncle Jesse's square. I already hid a bag of M&Ms for the birthday boy.

I've had the Dukes of Hazzard sheet for a long time...I bought it before I even really sewed a lot. It was on my son's bed for about a week...the elastic was too worn for it to really work, so I have hoarded this waiting for a project. It made a great backing even though I did have to repair a small area.

I used a lightweight denim for sashing and was going to use red gingham for the binding until I found the most awesome vintage fabric for $1...I think there were about 2 yards of it. It really lit a fire under me to do the project. I am so glad I found this fabric at just the right time!

I didn't like using the sheets. The General Lee square was fussy cut from the more worn sheet. Lots of stretching going on. I had to square up and square up again. The backing was really slick makes it really soft to snuggle with, but on the sewing end it was so slick I had a hard time getting a good feel for my quilting rhythm. I think it shows in the quilting unfortunately.

But ya know what? He said this quilt was cool. I secretly posted it on my facebook and even his uber macho friends said it was cool. I think to get a bunch of 30 something males to call a quilt cool is pretty much a success.


  1. thanks...i was not gonna do one for him b/c I couldn't top Michelle's...that one was too good. he started acting a lil left out and suggested I make him business shirts. I said "um, what kind of quilt do you want." He said Dukes.

  2. I think is is awesome. The concept, the imagination, the whole package... I wonder if he will try and stump you again??? I think you will be up for the challenge...


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