Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sneaky Peeks

I feel like I have been doing a lot of work "behind the scenes" and I wanted to share some of that with you guys. I appreciate all the comments and emails I get from y'all!

I have mentioned before that one of my quilts is going to be published in a magazine this year. I was reading Pat Sloan's blog a while back and noticed she was giving a sneak peak of a quilt SHE was doing for a magazine, so I thought if it's OK for her, it's OK for me, right?


Ok, Pat Sloan has a lot more thread cred than I do and she can do whatever she wants! My point is that I guess it isn't considered "unprofessional" if she is doing it so I decided to give y'all a peek into my project, too. Nobody gives you a rule book when this stuff happens to you!

So here are some of my pieces trimmed up. I asked them if they had a certain color scheme in mind and they told me to let my own personality shine through. I was excited to hear that...and at the same time scared outta my mind. I decided I need more variety so I ordered more fabric and went ahead and ordered the wide backing. The longarm lady I picked to quilt my quilt says it will be a better finished product with NO seams on the back so I am gonna do that. I am really nervous that it will get bumped from the magazine because of space issues or (worse) be cut due to "poor workmanship." I want to do what I can do to make this a success.

The scariest part for me though is keeping this puppy clean while I am working on it!!! Just this week my 3 year old sharpied up my last fat quarter of Flea Market Fancy!!! On top of that, I've got a case of allergy sniffles. Don't you love that kleenex box????

My Christmas gift of a new iron has made pressing a JOY! I wish I could get that into pressing clothes! Mr. Patch (and I've decided that will be my hubby's blog alias because it is so very Days of Our Lives) also got me a rolling cart from Joann's on Black Friday and an ergonomic task chair. I have scoliosis which is no big deal usually, but it really is aggravated when I don't take sewing breaks or cut/sew at the wrong height. I am trying to take care of my body so I can sew for the rest of my life!


I am working on packaging and printing real life copies of my patterns...Mrs. Carolyn at the Village Cloth Shoppe in Dekalb, MS is going to test them out in her shop. She has been in business for 30 years I think and she has great taste in her fabric selection so I feel honored she would give me a chance.

So tell me...what do you like to see in a quilting pattern to make your life easier???

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