Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Almost there...

Haven't been here in a while and I am honestly surprised I figured out my password again.  I am still in nursing school and I am officially halfway done.  Every time I leave the hospital I am so grateful to have this opportunity and feel like I made the right decision when I decided I wanted to become a nurse.

Since I am almost done with school I decided to almost finish this quilt.  I couldn't actually seal the deal because I can't find hand needles (yes, it's been a while).  I made it with the 4" accuquilt diamonds only.

The back is a print that looks like manuscript paper.  Choosing stripes to line up when you haven't quilted in a while was not the smartest thing to do.

It was kind of long and skinny so I chopped off part of the top and bottom.  I kind of like how the stars roll on past the edge of the quilt.

My stippling is messy but after all this time off from sewing, my seams are even messier.  I decided sturdier beat prettier.

This will go to a friend of ours who is having a baby with his wife.  He is the kind of friend who comes and helps us put toys together at Christmas, so that is definitely deserving of a hand made gift!


  1. So great to see you!!
    You go girl!! Keep up the school!! It really does fly by!!
    And I think the quilt is beautiful!! It has so much texture and hasn't even gotten that first crinkle wash'! Your friend will LOVE it!!!

  2. Nice job. It takes a bit to get back into the swing of things. Glad nursing school is going well.

  3. Fun to see you post again. I'm glad your life is going well. Good luck at school.

  4. I think this quilt is perfect for a little one- it's beautiful!! Good luck with school!


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