Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Finish: Seamstress Stars

I feel I am always apologizing for bad pictures. My sisters visited me this weekend and since the quilt was made for one of them, it went home. I had planned on taking some pics while we were at a strawberry patch, but we never made it there due to extenuating circumstances. I'm sharing what pictures I do have.

This quilt reminded me of my mama the whole way through.  It was probably the reason I lingered just a little longer.  I raided the scrap bins for fabric that was big enough to go through my accuquilt diamond die.  I used my $2/yard Benartex houndstooth for the background and I decided to add a border only to the top and bottom.  It just felt right to me for some reason.  I bound the quilt in the same lime green I used as my stop borders.  The triangles for the background were cut from a paper template I made.  That was definitely the scariest part!

 I didn't really plan on a color scheme, but I've noticed I use a lot of the same colors over and over, so I think everything worked out ok.  It's mostly American Jane stuff with Denyse Schmidt here and solids there.  It reminds me of the quilts of a real seamstress...someone who everything for her family- not just a quilter who buys coordinated fabrics.  I like that look.

 I added a hand pieced mini version of the block for a label.  I put that it was by me, for my sis, in honor of my mom.  This sister has the rattiest scrap quilt on her bed.  Batting is literally falling out right now.  I knew she would not only appreciate it, but might need it, as well.  She has another quilt by me with lots of white in it, but she has a dog and is afraid to put the quilt out because of the white fabric and the dog.  I hope this one will make her feel a little more at ease.

I got a sweet new fridge, too.  It's not magnetic which, if I'm being honest, is a total blessing.  I keep their art and they can still use the fridge in the garage.  I just don't have 50 pieces of art to manouever to open the doors or constantly pick off the floor. 

I have another scrap quilt in the works.  I cut everything into half square triangles with my accuquilt (no, not getting paid for this...just loving the convenience) and the rest I put away for another crumby stars quilt.  Lots of scrappiness coming to the blog!  It's kind of addictive.


  1. I love the look of the quilt in the first photo - it's so romantic and natural looking, like the "first" quilters. The photo gives it the same feeling. Beautiful job. Have a super day!

  2. Mary, this quilt is just beautiful. Look like an old time quilt. Love it so much! Great job.

  3. First off the fridge is darling. But that quilt is amazing. I love how you used the black and white houndstooth as the neutral. It really really works. A+

  4. The quilt turned out great and hooray on the fridge. I love my stainless french door too.

  5. Your quilt is so amazing ! No wonder you lingered!

  6. I love this Mary the colours and background are so good together. I,am not sure I could have parted with it! I am sure your sister will treasure it!
    Liv x

  7. Your sister's quilt is beautiful! I love that random, scrappy look! The mini check background is giving me all kinds of ideas!

  8. Hi Mary! Been following Winter Wonderland and decided to come visit your page. LOVE your Seamstress Stars quilt. It has a wonderful "retro" feel to me. Hope your sister really enjoys her new gift. :o)


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