Wednesday, February 8, 2012

scraps. i might be changing my tune.

You know how I say I never have scraps?  Well it turns out my idea of scraps and another person's idea of scraps are 2 different things entirely.  I decided to clear out anything that was under a fat quarter in size and cut into strips/squares of 4.5", 1.5", and 2.5"

Right now I am working on an idea of a triple 4 patch.  These are the smallest components and will finish at 2".  

What's your most enjoyable scrap project ever?


  1. How would it be to never have scraps...I am impressed.

  2. I made a baby doll quilt for my G-baby made out of 1.5" squares. I used the Easy-angle ruler and made them them into a split nine-patch design. I just love it.

  3. I have enjoyed taking all of the bits left over from making a mini, sewing them together into a largeish rectangle and then quilting it with the mini. I then have a chunk of quilted fabric that coordinates with the mini. This I take and make into snap bags and pincushions, and mug rugs to send with the swap.

  4. Heh, yes, it amazes me what different people define as scraps!

  5. I wrote a tut over on Stash Manicure yesterday using the dog ears we clip off our half square triangles! :-)
    I know it's for the truely demented!! hehehe

  6. YES!! You know I'm a scrap lover. I only save scraps of fabrics I just absolutely love. That way they can make their way into all kinds of projects.


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