Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Skinny 4-patch {scrap quilt in progress}

I am not a fan of working with scraps but I'm not a fan of throwing away cute fabric either. I have started trying to use some scraps in ongoing projects so that I can collect more fabrics and it looks more like a scrap quilt and less like a quilt I just made unfortunate fabric choices on.
Too few fabrics in a scrap quilt can end up looking like you just don't know how to match.

The sashing finished at 3/4" and the 4 patch pieces all start at 2"x4".  I am wanting to finish this quilt before I get bored with it, but that means it will probably be a 32"ish by 32"ish quilt.  I have a lady at church who has a grandbaby coming and I'm sure they'd like it, but I always feel slightly bad about giving such a small quilt rather than one a toddler could sleep under.  I don't want to add borders...I just don't think it fits and I'm not a border girl.  What size baby quilts do you like to give (or receive)?


  1. Mary, this is a great way to use up scraps!

    (And much better thank tossing them!)

  2. All sizes of quilts are needed. Some are great for the floor for playtime, one is needed for the stroller and one for the carseat. A small one is great to go in the diaper bag to take along places.

  3. I really like this quilt!
    A perfect way to draw from the
    scraps of fabric you have. :o)

  4. This is a great scrappy idea! Sorry, not much help with what size baby quilt...I just do what strikes me at the time.

  5. It is cute and a great idea for using scraps. I agree, I like different sizes as well. Mostly just reassure them to use it! People are always afraid to use and I want my quilts used!

  6. I am quilting a 34" square baby quilt right now. It's for my nephew. I know it's a little small, but I agree with Bonnie, I was thinking it would work for the floor, a stroller, or just to get dragged around (like Linus). If your quilt doesn't get finished it wouldn't be useful at all!

  7. This is just toooo cute!!
    It's a nice size to take along, cover up in winter to go outside, stroller, car seat, etc.
    I found I used the smaller size the most when babies.

  8. It has been so long since I received a baby gift that I'm not sure whatI would like. Howeve it seems like all sorts of sizes would be good. Kids seem to spend a lot of time in the car and on the go. A quilt that would snuggle well in a car seat might be just the thing. Back it with something cuddly and no one will care how big it is.

  9. LOVE it!! I'm more like you I think, lately I've been trying to make STUFF with my scraps, like owls, potholders, portfolios etc.... Now I AM going to try and join bonnie hunters scrap mystery quilt along..... should be fun! oddly enough I really don't have THAT many scraps!? hmm

  10. I generally make baby quilts 40ish square or 40 x something rectangle. That way, if I don't want to piece my background, I don't have to.

  11. Every baby quilt I've ever made has been between 29 inches square and 34 inches square. 32 inches sounds perfect to me. Besides, it's for a baby and they usually don't come super-sized :)


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