Monday, October 3, 2011

The ugliest patchwork you've ever seen.

I have a lot of quilts lying about my house or hanging on the walls.  I think it's pretty clear that I like the look of patchwork, but this is ridiculous.

Our couch got a fist sized hole so I cut a patch out of a cushion that I made the manufacturer replace...they had sent us a brand new couch with popped seams and homegirl don't play-I demanded a perfect cushion.  Yeah, I'm that lady...but I'm nice about it.  I had kept the busted cover in case I needed a patch.  Call it mother-of-3-boys-intuition.
This is what the hole looked like.  Our dog is to blame.  The salt in my wound was having to clean up hours later when his body...umm...rejected the leather-ish substance and polyester padding.    In case you're concerned, he's still alive.  He's 10 years old and has a mystery disease that messes up his liver and makes him pee on the carpet all the time and now he's eating my furniture.   Let's not forget his body rejects a lot of substances besides just leather and polyester.  That's a lot to deal with, no?  He is testing me on Proverbs 12:10

Anybody got any tips on repairing leather (ish substances)???


  1. Well, I am glad to see you are taking care of the fur baby in spite of his problems!

  2. If you figure it out, I have a green leather couch with a rip in it. I just cover the rip with a quilt over it. Oh well.

  3. Duck tape - the handy man's secret weapon!


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