Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Church Windows (lazy girl Cathedral Windows)

You may have noticed I have a slight obsession with 3 dimensional flying geese. Well a while back (last spring) I came up with something I was pretty proud of...a quickie cathedral window block.

 Then I found out someone pretty much used this same concept to make something called a 15 minute quilt?  The difference is that they made their patchwork spaces huge in comparison to the white diamonds.  There really are no new ideas...just newly discovered ones.  SIGH!

As you can see, the top is a 3d flying geese.  The bottom is the completed block where 2 of the 3d flying geese are joined at the white portion then turned over by machine.

I can't imagine doing a bed size of this...it would weigh a ton!  Then again, I think real cathedral windows probably weigh a ton, too.  I'd love to have one of these professionally quilted, but after working over those multi-layered seams I think I'd be "fired" by the professional quilter!


  1. Oh Mary thank you for showing this! I just may give it a try and you will get the credi; )

  2. You would have to custom quilt it to avoid going over the thick bits. Otherwise the folded parts would tend to have tucks in them created by the quilting. Check out my Playing with Pips photo on CASharp in Flickr.

  3. Mary, I made my first block and I love it....thanks for showing how to make these cuties : )



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