Monday, August 29, 2011

My GO!Baby is still unclaimed...

Hey everyone, just letting you know my GO!Baby Giveaway winner, Beautiful Mommy Princess, has yet to claim her prize. If you know her or how to get in touch with her, please let me know. She only left one comment that did not contain contact info and her blog has no posts for me to comment on and no email info. She's also a No Reply Blogger. What's that? It's a person who does not allow responses they have made on a blog to be replied to directly from a blog owner. If you email me a question, I can't respond. If you comment, I can't comment back through email. If you win a giveaway, I cannot find you. There's a great article on how to tell if you are a No Reply Blogger on Pleasant Home. 

I know I originally said Monday was my deadline for a redraw.  I decided to give it until Tuesday morning so that the entire day Monday had passed.  If you know Beautiful Mommy Princess, please bring this to her attention.   I'll draw from the original list of comments if I have to redraw...comments on the original post are closed.  I'm sorry this is happened...I feel like it's hard to be fair to everybody in this situation.


  1. This always amazes me that people enter with no way of you being able to get in touch.... I could always change my name to Beautiful Mommy Princess if you like.... ROFL.

  2. I sooo wish I was the Beautiful Mommy Princess! Sigh...I am not!!
    I want one of these really badly!! So when you redraw, Pick me, Pick me!! LOL

  3. Mary I also tried to find her someway on the internet/blogland but could not get in touch with is hoping that she will respond because I would be very upset if I lost out on one of these...take care and good of you to give her the whole day to respond...

  4. I used to be a beautiful mommy princess. Now I am a beautiful grandmother princess. Does that mean I come in second (G)!!! I hope you find her and if not I hope the next person ( insert selfish grin on my face) is ME!!!

  5. I feel you are being more than fair.
    If the Princess does a no show, I would love it if you picked me. LOL

  6. Hopefully beautiful mommy princess will reply. Sounds like you are doing what you can to give her a chance to win. Sure wish it was me you were hunting for. Good luck to everyone!

  7. Mary,,, I am SEW easy to find.... just draw me...
    jus sayin...

  8. I'll claim it

  9. Oh my gawd, I didn't even realize that is what you meant by No-Reply Blogger! Thanks... I just fixed that [Head Hitting Desk] (*sigh*)


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