Friday, July 29, 2011

A post I debated writing...

This is a post I was not going to write.  I didn't want to write an "I did this" post, but I was so touched by what happened I have to write a "God did this" post.  That's part of why I write a blog in the first place.

I have previously posted about Bama Bound Quilts.  I wanted to do something to help their tremendous effort to bring comfort in the form of a handmade quilt to children who lost everything in the tornados in Alabama.  I chose this quilt:

 I loved the colors and it was a good neutral would have worked for any age child from birth to 18.  I made the required tote and bought a stuffed animal like the charity required.
 But then I noticed the quilts were going to Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, where the founder of the charity lives.  I think that's great, but I felt really guilty mailing a quilt to another county when I knew people in my own home county had lost their lives, homes, and loved ones.  I took the quilt to my sister and asked if she would find someone who could find a good recipient. 
 My sister took the quilt to a lady at her church who happens to be a teacher in the worst hit little town.  I think about 30 people died and it is a very small town.  The woman chose a girl whose family had lost everything.
I got a call from my sister that the girl had especially missed a quilt she had slept with every night of her life.  It was something her grandmother had made that had been lost in the tornado.  She was so happy to have another quilt.  I know it will not replace her grandmother's quilt, but I hope when she looks at it she will remember her grandmother's quilt.
I look back at all the people who did something small.  Michelle who organized the Bama Bound Quilts page and charity (ok, that might not be so small!).  I made the quilt.  My sister knew just who could help us find a recipient, and finally the lady who made the exact right choice for the quilt's new owner.  I look at this and know that only God can orchestrate people who don't even all know each other to do something that turned out so perfectly.  How much He loves that little girl!  She was missing her security blanket and He showed her so lovingly that her true security was with her the whole time...a heavenly Father who cares about the little things that aren't so little to you.  I'm so thankful I got a glimpse into how God works once never fails to amaze me!!


  1. I love this story. So glad you did post!

  2. Wonderful outcome! Thanks for the effort you put into the quilt, the pillow case, and getting it to people who knew the right people to get it to the perfect recipient. I love the way God works things out!

  3. That is such a great story. I know we should never be amazed by the way God works things out - but we are, because we so often forget that His ways are higher and greater than our ways. So many people have been blessed by this quilt - and we are grateful to you for sharing the story with us.
    God bless you richly , in ALL you do for Him. And yes, you were right to share it with us - our blogs must reflect Him, or they are pointless. Matt 5:16

    blessings x

  4. How beautiful...God ordered where your special quilt would go!

  5. Our God is so awesome....I love this..

  6. Mary, this perfectly portrays how awesome our God is... I hope that one day you hear from the little girl... and thank you for allowing God to use you for His Glory!!!!

  7. Our church has a motto..."Little things done with big love will change the world." But big things done with big love are even better! God is so, so good. Thanks for being an instrument of His love.

  8. God is amazing. The quilt is beautiful, and God is proud of you for reaching out. It's God working through you. Bless you!

  9. Mary~love this post. Only our all-knowing and wise God can orchestrate something so grand as this, which just make us worship Him all the more. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  10. God always knows what to do. Glad you listened to him.

  11. What a wonderful quilt and thank you for sharing its story.


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