Monday, April 18, 2011

Joann Fabric Stores: Super Saver Tips

With Denyse Schmidt's new line, Picnic & Fairgrounds, available at Jo Ann, there are going to be a lot of people who would not have set foot in Joann before deciding to check things out.  Here are some savings tips to help you get the most for your money.

1) Check your newspapers on Sunday or their website for printable coupons.  These are usually good for 40-50 percent off one item.  This will really help with purchasing backing fabrics and battings.

2)Download the Joann app for free to your iPhone or an iPod touch.  Once the app is downloaded, click "coupons" and put the coupons in your virtual wallet.  Just show the virtual wallet to your cashier and she will apply it to your cart.  You can use these in addition to your Thanks to my friend Tiffany who taught me this!

3.   Are you an educator...teacher, librarian, coach???  Educators get a 15 percent off discount at Joann!  Bring whatever ID you have and your cashier will hook you up with a card to show at future visits.   I wonder if Sunday School teachers count???

And in case you are wondering, I did get the picnic colorway of Denyse Schmidt's new line.    With the tips above I saved $25 over 6 2/3 yds worth..I had my sisters in town and I loaded up their iPhones and plus I made my teacher sister check out my 3 yards of backing fabric (I still paid for it all).

I remember when I started quilting I saw some of this stuff called Flea Market Fancy in the clearance section at my LQS.  It stopped dead in my was beautiful and it felt like butter.  I bought some up for $2 and $5 a yard not knowing the hoo-ya this stuff was causing to modern quilters everywhere.  I got some Katie Jump Rope ($4-$5/yard) and it is my favorite feels wonderful and looks so fresh.  I wasn't crazy about Hope Valley or Greenfield Hill, but these new lines just sang out to me.  I have no idea what I will do with these but I didn't want to miss looks like it has been FLYING off the shelf since they got it Wednesday.  Some bolts were near empty.  It doesn't feel AS divine as FMF or KJR, but it still feels as good as most LQS fabrics and I know it will "play well with others"...namely some of my American Jane.  I might even decide to tackle a king size quilt for my bed.  If Diane Rose (the blind quilter) isn't afraid of it, I shouldn't be either!.

Do you have any other Joann savings tips?  Let everyone know in the comments!


  1. You just made my day!! I just downloaded the app and I'll be trying it out at lunch. Happy shopping!

    My favorite tip... like you, I have been known to take someone with me {Steve} to use an extra coupon.

    Jennifer :)

  2. I don't use the phone app, but I...

    1) Am on the Mailing list, so I get physical coupons. (Sign up in store)

    2) Am on the e-mail list, so I always print off the e-mailed coupons. And yes, you can use these in the same trip as the ones you get in the mail.

    3) When you check out, JoAnn's usually gives you a sheet of coupons.

    You can use all three of these as long as the coupon codes are different! Also, if you are not a teacher, you still might qualify for 10% off with one of these:;jsessionid=2D765032D33A831CFE978B3A406EF142.a2p2?catName=VIPDiscounts

  3. JoAnn' flagship store and national headquarters are in my hometown...I'm there at least twice a week...a tip I'd share is that the mainstream pattern makers are always on sale @ 40% off everyday, and there is usually a deal each week-this week it is Simplicity patterns @ $1.99 each. (Last week it was McCall's for 99cents each!) I believe they limit the purchase to 5 patterns. Pretty cool!

  4. I usually google joann fabric coupons or something like that and find one on line.

  5. I wish the educator discount extended to librarians since we use them so much for activities in my library. However we have asked several times and they insist it is for teachers only. So we stock up on coupons and try to make the most of them. Although this policy may vary depending on the area I suppose.

  6. Aww, sorry for you! My bff is a college librarian and they gave her one. Keep asking and maybe one day you will find someone in a great mood :)

  7. Oh how I wish we had a Joanns!!

  8. I noticed last week that their ad says they match competitor coupons, so I'm not sure how it works, but it's probably worth trying to double up with those too.


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