Monday, March 28, 2011

My son's first quilt!

I asked on the blog a while back if you guys had any tips for me with my 7 year old son who is dying to learn to quilt.  We started off small with a ticker tape snack mat.  I sewed up a small mat of Kona Ash and a light colored denim (back) and made a pillowcase style mat.  I then let the boys do tickertape with some of my favorite scraps.  I was surprised when my 7 year old did this:

And I will be honest that I *almost* said "that's not how you do it" when I realized he made letters of his name instead of the regular way but then I thought "What is wrong with me...his way is better!"  I love how he "kicked it up a notch" and made it his own.  How many ticker tape quilts have you seen with words written on it?  None, that's how many! The entire reason I read blogs is for inspiration...not just so I can copy something- that is just not fun for me.  He had exactly the right idea. I had him pin the pieces into place and then I went around them with the machine.  He is not much for tedious tasks yet.

One of the twins did this one (and I do need to trim them up, I know).  He is a train fanatic and he immediately went to the American Jane punctuation tickets.  He told me they are his tickets to ride a train.  Melted my heart...  He calls it a "Snack Mack."  Once again, I like his version better.  Snack Mack it is!

Fueled by his success, the oldest became more insistent about starting his own quilt.  I decided to just go for it.  I also told myself to tell him to do a good job and take breaks when I saw him getting sloppy instead of getting frustrated.  You know what, it worked.  If I saw him getting tired I'd call break time.  I had to rip a seam or two where he sewed things backwards but for the most part he was very diligent about keeping close to 1/4" seam as you can see by the finished product:

He did a great job!  He picked out 4 layer cake pieces left over from my MBS project with Deb Strain's Java.  He told me he needed more brown to balance out all the blues.  I had a couple of 5" squares left from Lily&Will2 that were brown (quilt forthcoming on that one) so we threw those in.  Here is how we divided the task:

Me: Rotary cutting (scary!), pinning, sewing edges "pillowcase style" then turning out and top stitching the edge shut
Him: Ironing, Sewing the quilt top, quilting, receiving kudos.

He wanted me to share on facebook and I am sharing with you guys as well.  The night he made it I put it over my legs because I was cold and he got a big smirk and said "hey mom, this is coming in handy, isn't it??"  He is already on me for quilt number 2.  Any pattern suggestions???


  1. How wonderful is that! I love that he knew he needed brown to balance things out, he has a great eye!

  2. I think you have another quilter in the family. Nice job, he has a good eye for color.

  3. What a fabulous job! I love it when children get to stretch their creative wings, and you're a great inspiration to yours. You might have him try a four patch next. (A step up from all the same size squares in this one.) Can't wait to see his next creation.
    Bravo, young man!

  4. So great! You should link it up at Delicate Construction (Made by Little Hands Monday) :)

  5. Awesome! Isn't it great when the kiddos want to make stuff too? They all look wonderful.

  6. Great quilt! watch out, he's bitten by the bug!

  7. What a great job! That's wonderful.

  8. That is just awesome. Tell hime he did a great job. Have him try a rail fence - it's pretty easy

  9. Those are the best quilts that I've seen today. I love them!!!

    My kids always loved starting with rag quilts because they did the whole thing from start to finish.

  10. Way to go boys!!!

    Rail Fence is a great idea. That would give him a few more pieces to put together and a little more pattern to play with.

  11. you go Eli and co.... my grands are "sew" talented!!! love it!


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