Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Charlie Brown Quiltalong Part 4: Piecing your quilt

Ok, we're going to piece our zigzag section first then add our larger sections at the end.  At this point of the quiltalong you should have:
6 9.5" black squares
12 9.5" black/yellow HSTs
18"x60" yellow section
24"x60" yellow section
  • First sew your 6 9.5" black squares into 3 pairs
  • Sew 6 of your black/yellow HST together in pairs along the yellow side  (see above)
  • Sew 6 of your black/yellow HST together in pairs along the black side (see above)

  • Attach a black "peak" to the top of each black section along the long edge.
  • Attach a yellow piece to the bottom of each black section along the long edge.
  • You now have 3 large sections which you will attach together at the black sides (see above).  The black peaks should be oriented just like the boys are holding them in the above picture.  We will now attach our larger yellow section to the top and our smaller yellow section to the bottom along the cut edge with a 1/4" seam.  You your selvage edges will be at the very bottom and very top of the quilt top.  You can trim those up before or after quilting.
The fuzzy edge is not the's where I tore my 60" section from my 48" section.

 I've intentionally asked you to cut these large yellow sections a little longer than your pieced sections.  It gives you a little wiggle room and it's easier to trim up later than risk having to trim down your pieced area.  Leave an inch or so over overhang of yellow fabric and attach your larger sections to your pieced section using 1/4" seam.  I recommend using a walking foot to reduce puckering.  I don't use me, pins pull the fabric too much.  I've also had a $90 repair from sewing through a pin, so it's not worth the risk.  I just readjust every 4-5".  I pinned my first Charlie Brown quilt and oddly enough had a lot of puckers.  Not this time!

I hold all the fabric in my lap and I use my hands to make sure there is no drag/pulling of the fabric as it is going through the machine.  This also helps with the puckering.  You can now trim up your sides and top...or you can wait until your are finished quilting.  Up next: basting! 


  1. I have pieced my top and am trying to figure out what I want to use for the backing. I used a large scale flower Snowdream from free spirit. I love how it looks! I used a pinky gray for the stripe. I have another One I am going to piece for me with a green stripe. This one will be a wedding present.

  2. I got this part finished. Now for all my stitching for the other side.

  3. Thanks so much for this! I resized it and used your technique to back a baby quilt. It's so awesome.


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