Monday, February 14, 2011

Minor Drama w/ the Leftover Cake Teacher's Quilt

Remember the signature quilt for Eli's teacher?

Well...I needed a couple more signatures for the quilt from staff.  I don't know these people from Adam's housecat...I just go by the signs on the doors.  I get to Mrs. Blackburn's door (another 1st grade teacher, not my son's teacher) to get her's the last one I need.  Out comes a woman wearing a birka.  Ok, that threw me a little because the name and person did not match, but my son's school is literally the small world ride at disney...there is no racial/ethnic's one big melting pot being so close to Houston.  I press on and ask her if she can sign the quilt for me b/c I did not receive her last signature block in time and I had to construct the quilt without it.  She looks confused but she takes that sharpie to my quilt and starts writing something that is NOT Mrs. Blackburn.

Cue Internal Freakout.

I go to the office and I learn that Mrs. Blackburn had a sub today.  O.M.G.  What was this lady thinking???  I could not think of a way to salvage it.

Anyway, my son's teacher liked the quilt and said she is going to use it to cuddle under at night and to take her grandchildren on picnics.  I was so happy to hear she was going to USE it.  I have to say I got all embarrassed, red, and weirded out giving it to her with the room mom.  If I ever make another teacher quilt I will just send it rumpled up in my kid's backpack!

Any suggestions on how to salvage that block???  I thought about embroidery something over it but couldn't think of anything that would cover a giant signature.  I emailed her and offered to applique over the sub's John Hancock...I am still mortified.


  1. I think it is fine. It will be something she remembers always....and the strange "sub flub" will just be part of the story when she tells about her beautiful quilt :)

    I just love it; it is so happy and vibrant!

  2. I'm sitting here laughing... not at you, I promise! It's just that every quilt has a story and now this one has a great story. :)

  3. Yep - leave it exactly as it is. It is just of the quilt's story. You are such a star for making a quilt for a teacher! Impressive.

  4. That really is funny! Someday, you laugh really hard over this one, I just know it. I would definitely give the teacher the choice. If it's important to her to have Mrs. Blackburn's signature on it, then certainly, you could applique another block over that one. If you used some fusible interfacing, it's possible you wouldn't even be able to see the black sharpie behind it.

  5. it is possible the sub is a regular and a good friend,,, that happens alot in community schools... Teachers really do not think that hard about gifts they receive... Much less a quilt... OMG! I can only imagine how she is sharing and treasuring and being the envy of EVERYONE at that school.... I am so serious here... and don't even think of crumpling the next one up and cramming it in a backpack... You know those Brown boys,, they are going to tell... You are awesome for doing that for the teacher and she will always treasure it... Promise..

  6. Oh no! What was that sub thinking?! She just wanted to sign that beautiful quilt, I don't blame her. I'd want my name on that too!


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