Monday, October 25, 2010

Finish: Happy Campers Jump Rope Quilt

I finished binding up this quilt in the car on the way back from our Day Out With Thomas on Saturday.

At the Texas State Railroad, my train loving twins decided they wanted to meet the conductor. Here's how that conversation went:

Middle Son: HI! I'm H**** Brown!
Youngest Son: HI! I'm J***** Brown!
Oldest Son: Hi...I'm Embarrassed.

When did 6 year olds become pre-teens??? Everybody had a great day, though...even my oldest cut loose when he realized his school friends were nowhere in sight!

On our way back to the car, I joked to my husband that he should take pics of my then half-bound quilt on the steps of a little chapel.  Knock me over with a feather- he agreed! It's made with Happy Campers by Sandy Klop (American Jane) for Moda...with a little Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt thrown in.

This quilt is a double hourglass done using Cluck Cluck Sew's strip method.  After facing some serious wrist pain (I moved my wrist too much cutting the angles)  I decided it would have to be done checkboard style to reduce the number of pieced blocks I needed.  I actually think I like this better.  It made tons of white hexagons in the negative space!

It's a full size quilt and I tried a new-to-me batting called Mountain Mist Cream Rose that is 100 percent cotton and cheaper than Warm & Natural (what I normally use).

I ordered this Happy Campers Basic Stripe fabric for $3.98/yd from Hancock's of Paducah.  I cut off the darkest stripe (a brown pindot) to use for the binding of this quilt.  When I laid this quilt on the bed I realized the American Jane multi-stripe Fabrics (she usually does stripes like this for each line of hers) are the PERFECT backing fabric.  See...
Doesn't that make the prettiest turned down bedquilt?  I love that little detail!
I added a cracker block for a label.  I went all out on this quilt because I want each of my sons to have a bed quilt that I have put a lot of love into.  I don't always do backings this nice or a label, but they added a nice touch and I think I'll do it more in the future.

Thank you all so much for the kind words on my Moda Bakeshop project.  It was such a nice ending to such a perfect day to come home to such encouragement.  I have a couple of other projects in the works at the Bakeshop and I hope you will enjoy those, as well.  I also ordered fabric yesterday for a tutorial here: My Single Charm Pack's a 50x60 lap quilt.  I hope y'all like it!

I will also post a review of the new batting for those who have never tried it- it was very scary to break away from Warm and Natural!   What kinds of batting have you tried and how did you like it?


  1. This is SO pretty. I really love it. :)

  2. It is beautiful...only how DID you have time to piece it?? My 10 month old allows NO time...and you have twins!!!

    I am looking forward to the review. I am still a Warm and Natural diehard.

  3. Love it! And love to see some humor injected into your blog post since you are really good at that too.

  4. What a beautiful quilt! All the little details make this so special. My longarm quilter uses the White Rose in all my quilts and I love the way it washes up - nice and soft and crinkly. And cogratulations on your Moda Bake shop quilt - I LOVE it and can't wait to break out some charms squares to sew up one of my own. Happy stitching -

    PS - I love the Thomas the Tank Engine pic - my sons were both BIG fans and I still have great memories of them playing with their trains.

  5. Thanks so much, y'all! I loved reading your comments!

  6. I really like the "turndown detail" on this. I never thought about doing that. Great idea that I will have to stash for future projects! :)


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