Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fabric Score of the Century!


Today I decided to visit a 10,000 bolt quilt store. Unfortunately, my budget did not allow for much purchasing. I was doing a bit of recon for when my best friend comes up next week. Apparently, I was running right behind a shop-hop from market. As they were leaving, I was pulling up. I found 1 yd of my favorite Wee Play gingham and proceeded to the next LQS.

There was the bus again... I was accidentally stalking the shop hop. I went looking for American Jane Happy Campers. I found 1 print and bought 1/4 yard of it. I also got the Flea Market Fancy...almost 9 yards. I took it to the cutting table and then the shop hop stalker became the shop hop stalk-ee. People were waiting at the cutting table to take what I did not want, but homegirl just got a speeding ticket, and that means I was stocking The Etsy Shop.   Don't judge, y'all...This speeding ticket has me flat broke the week before the International Quilt Festival...I need to climb out of this hole so I can get in on the festival goodies!!! BESIDES...I see a giveaway in my future...

There, I'm not so bad now, right?


  1. GIRL. I would have bought the WHOLE ENTIRE EVERYTHING THEY HAD LEFT :)

    You ALWAYS find the best stuff!

  2. I'm severely coveting.. especially the one on the left.


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