Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Curse of the Bed Quilt...

I have a serious problem with bed quilts.  I start with fabric I love for a person I love in a pattern I love...and by the end of it, I am SO- TOTALLY- OVER- IT.  It's a curse.  I just can't shake it.  When I started making a twin size quilt for one of my twins out of my FAVORITE designer's fabric (Sandy Klop of American Jane for Moda), I thought the curse would finally be lifted. 
But I guess all the spooky Halloween Juju dashed my hopes because this little beauty here just grew into...

A MONSTER QUILT!!!!  I am so totally over working on this, but I am pushing through the pain.  If only I could apply such dedication to exercising...I'd be rocking a six pack for sure.  This thing started fraying (I guess the bias edges) and I knew I had to hurry up and sew it together before it was just a pile of unusable crap.  I was thinking about straight line quilting, but I think I will do my loopy quilting since I'm worried about seams popping due to the fraying.

I have binding oozing over my little chifferobe.  This thing is taking over my little sewing area.  Did I mention this quilt ate up all the backing fabric I had bought for TWO QUILTS.  I told you it was a monster!

Another reason I have to finish this thing up is because my husband, my 3 boys, and I are going to see Sir Topham Hatt and ride Thomas on the Texas State Railroad this weekend.  It's 3 hours up there and 3 hours back and my husband has a twisted habit of making the car FUH-REEZING cold because he says it help him stay awake when driving.  I'm on to his game and I am going to try to have this thing ready to bind in the car: productive and prepared...because that's just how I roll. 


  1. ooohhhh Mare-lane,,, I need that pattern. I think I love it!!! What is it called? I love all your fall decorations! You are SEW creative!!!!

  2. First of all... love your pumpkins.

    I just think that it's hard to work on something for so long, no matter how much you like it. Finishing something is satisfying, so when something takes longer, it's not as gratifying.

  3. ya i cant ever seem to make more then 1 quilt out of the same patern/fabric theres so much inspiration out there so its hard to keep to the same thing for to long

    i had just made a king sized quilt and quilted it on my lil home machine and i had called it monster quilt as well it took 7 Big spools of thread just to quilt that monster ... then it ended up to small with all the quilting =(


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