Monday, February 18, 2013

just a tiny bit...

I have gotten to a standstill on my son's Mississippi State quilt...need more fabric.  Why is Kona Ash so hard to find in real life???

Looking for the Kona Ash (in Joann's) I decided to treat myself to just a *tiny* bit of DS Quilts fabrics. 

They are so pretty!  I really shouldn't buy more fabric, but I needed wanted those oranges and blues to add a little color depth to those areas of my stash.  I wish I could have bought more, but I only got 1/8 yard of everything.  Yup, $12 for all of the above.  I loved the buttery yellow and I'm a sucker for green and leaves, so the other 2 snuck into the buggy.  I just wanted a tiny bit to add in for a scrappy project...

This is inspired by this quilt.  I just kinda fell in love.  What appealed to me most was using all my scraps (and in fact, the scraps of this will go into another crumb quilt...I am WORKING this fabric).   I printed off a 1.5" diamond grid, drew extra diamonds using my quilting rulers, made copies on cardstock, and then cut the diamond papers out for the paper piecing.   To my delight and surprise, it is all fitting together perfectly.  This is a very time consuming project and I am not sure what my end game is, but it's so nice to be able to sit with my family and do a quilting project besides binding. 

If anyone knows the name of this quilt pattern, please tell me.  I am a sucker for knowing the real name of old patterns.


  1. You sound like me. When I go to Joann's looking for something specific, I am always drawn to the DS fabrics. If DH isn't with me, I buy it whether or not I have a project in mind. I just love it. It must be a sickness.

  2. I have seen this before but the name has left me....if I can remember, I will come back!

  3. Those are so cute! Usually 7 stars are put together to form the Seven Sisters. It originates from a design of the original Confederate flag (read more from Barbara Brackman here: There is a very good piecing tutorial here: Be sure to also follow the link in that post to find out more about "Inklingo" which is printing stitching lines on fabric. Like you, I love to know the names of the old patterns. I have a copy of Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns (now out of print) which is pretty low tech in style but very effective to help figure out the names of blocks. You answer a series of "if, then" statements (if 5 pointed stars then...) to go to the section most likely to find it. Very useful if you can find a copy at the used bookstore or online. Happy stitching!

  4. Ooh you have a couple of DS Quilts prints I hadn't seen before!--the yellow and the blue mini dots with white dots!


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