Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How about a Round Robin?

I just wanted to let everyone know (in case you wanted to join in the fun) that I will be designing a row for Patchwork Posse's Round Robin.

This year's theme is Winter Wonderland, and my creative inspiration on that theme is pretty limited.  Christmas Day is usually t-shirt weather here near Houston, Texas.  Still, I absolutely promise no palm trees or flip flop blocks to ruin your quilt if you decide to sew along.  The Round Robin posts start Monday with Jo of Jo's Country Junction. 

Have fun and let me know if you are quilting along!


  1. That`s great.I Joined and the first row has been made!

  2. hehe, I think we have a very similar climate here in South Australia. Austin, Texas is our sister city.

  3. Hey Mary, Is this a round robin where I do something and send it to someone else or do I keep all I do for myself? If it is something I don't have to show if I mess up, I want to participate. How will I get it? Do I click on the link above? Does your blog tell that blog who all is participating? Just some questions for clarification, please,,, :)


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