Tuesday, November 13, 2012

around here lately...

Well I've had a few projects up my sleeve and I wanted to share and hopefully get opinions on one.

 I have organized my embroidery supplies hoping to make these scottie towels during over Thanksgiving break.  I found the embroidery blanks at Hobby Lobby for $10 (3 pack) and used a coupon to get them for $6 a pack.  I need to get one more pack at least.  I'm thinking these are for me and maybe some more for teachers.  I will have to time myself to see if this is speedier than the potholders I usually make. 
 This is a giant block: 30"!  I am torn on what to do with this and here's where I am hoping you guys will lend some direction.  This is based on a traditional block but I've used played around with groupings, colorings, and fabric saving construction techniques.  Part of me says nobody would care for a pattern like that but I see people selling traditional patterns that have only been renamed with great success.  Would you buy a pattern like this?  One block is a wall hanging, 4 is a lap quilt, and 9 would be a king with sashings (I think!).   My other option is to make a tutorial for this.  Be real with me, but please keep it kind.

 I found this hutch at a yard sale a couple weeks ago.  It was a dark 50's wood which I didn't mind but the condition of the finish was very poor.  I wish I had a better before pic.  I wanted this for an entry hutch but failed to remember we kinda need to reach our light switches.  I sanded it down and painted it Scotland Yard by Behr from the oops bin and then used wood sheen to rub over it and tone it down.  I like the color but had I known there was no way this could work where I wanted to put it, I would have liked something a little more blue.  We're living with it like it is now.  I may change it later...it was a very quick and easy project.  I paid $20 for the hutch (actual wood!) and $3.50 for paint.  Everything else I had on hand.

Tomorrow I have a fun giveaway planned.  It will be my last one for a long time.  I don't like reading giveaway heavy blogs but a lot of time specific things fell into my lap that I wanted to share with  you all.

What's been going on in your neck of the woods?


  1. I like the block, not sure if I'd buy it as a pattern. Love the hutch. You can always repaint it if you want.

  2. Oh...I love the hutch...and I think there is always a market for a well-written pattern. Just because it's traditional doesn't mean there aren't a lot of people who would be interested in your interpretation...and in having the math all figured out. I love designing things...but I also love working with a well-written design...and then perhaps adding my own twist!

  3. I like the block, but when I buy patterns, I like seeing it as a quilt with applique or the block as part of a quilt design.
    I am thinking it would make a beautiful christmas runner by itself or an applique added with it.


  4. Love the block and yes, people would buy the pattern! A lot of new {and experienced} quilter don't like the math of quilts and if you have a special technique like the fabric saving construction, that's a good deal for them.

    The hutch is beautiful too!

    Jennifer :)

  5. Love the quilt....probably wouldn't purchase a pattern...but you never know. I love to be a patron of the arts! It would look wonderful with a bit of a border to make the secondary images pop.

  6. great job on the hutch! pattern - sure!

  7. I loge it and think it kind of looks like Christmas ornaments. Does it go together quickly? Because it looks like it is one of the simple and yet so many possibilities! You know!

  8. Pattern it, girl! I'd do the full size bed quilt, though, and then provide instructions/measurements/yardage for smaller versions. Also, I love it. Like, LOVE it. I want to make this for realz.

  9. That giant block is super crazy awesome. LOVE IT. I want it in my house now, please. . . So yes, I'd totally make that.

  10. I really really like the block! Not sure if I would buy a pattern, but I might. Definately would like a tutorial. Maybe you could do both, somehow?


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