Thursday, October 25, 2012

So ugly it's cute?

On facebook this week, a friend tagged me and told me to come to see her because her husband had unearthed old fabric in tubs in her attic.  Apparently he walled off part of the attic without actually cleaning it out.  This is how those stories about rare coins and stuff being found in an attic get started.  Y'all know I love a good vintage find, fabric, and free stuff.  This had the makings of a triple threat on the Mary-excitement-scale.   My friend has really good taste so anything she likes has to have some redeeming qualities.

First let me say I don't think these fabrics are ugly..some are outdated and but not "vintage cool" and some are just not my favorite colors no matter the design.
I can see myself liking these when I was a kid (when they were knew) but they have not turned the corner on being cool for me like 70s fabrics have.

Then there was this piece which I actually kind of love.  It reminds me so much of Kaffe Fassett.  I have never gone into a quilt shop and decided to buy a ton of Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  I don't like the same colors he prefers and I absolutely hate purple.  I am often stumped by the scale of the prints he uses.  What he considers medium scale I consider gigantic.  Yet...every time I see something he's made, I have that "I wish I could make that" envy.  He really is an artist and I know I could learn a lot from studying his work.

So with that in I crazy to think this could make an awesome quilt?

I pulled out the jewel tones...fuschias, dark blues, jades, greens, purples.  I am wondering if I could...and if so, what pattern would I use. 

So y'all...

Could I?

Should I?

(what pattern) Would I?

Side note...I will be attending Quilt Market on Saturday and Sunday to sign some books with some of the other Sweet Celebrations contributors.  If you are there, holla atcha girl!  Fingers and toes crossed I get to meet Sandy Klop when I am there!


  1. If Sandy is there, just go say hi! She was at our guild recently and was so nice and down to earth!

  2. Sure you can. Why not?!

    Have fun at market!!

  3. Mary you remind me of earlier this year when Bonnie Hunter came to our guild. One of her lines is even the ugliest fabric when cut small enough makes a beautiful quilt! I think it was her referring to Florabunga... (or something likethat) all the fabrics are horrible 80s floral yuck! But mam she just knows howto make even the ugliest pretty! I think they have a LOT of potential! Yes even the purple which is one of my favorites and I always giggle a little when you cringe at it! ;o)

  4. I can't wait for the responses. My neighbor just brought me some yellow, forest green and burgandy fabric ( total 80's-early 90's ) fabric and asked me to make a quilt with it for her. I almost can't stand to look at it, but don't want to hurt her feelings. I've got to figure out a pattern for this stuff and sew it up and get it back in her hands :)

  5. When in doubt, cut it small and make it scrappy. Have fun with it.


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