Friday, August 31, 2012

This school thing is going well for boys and mama alike. My house has never been so clean! I know that is not important to some but I've felt so overwhelmed lately after 5 years of just surviving.   I am staying up on my laundry every day, walking a couple miles a day, spending a little more time fixing dinner, and cleaning up messes as they happen. It's pretty amazing, doncha think? I have been making a great granny square a day until I ran out of background fabric...and unfortunately fundage, too. It's on hold til pay day now! Here are the new blocks. You will notice some new new American Jane fabric. That is a gracious gift from my blog buddy Cindy at Tops to Treasures.  You may know her from her amazing designs on Moda Bake Shop.  Thank you Cindy!!!

 You might spy some blocks are sashed.  Once I got the fabric from Cindy, a 2nd wave of inspiration hit and I came up with a whole new plan!  I can't wait to show you.

 And since I'm out of background fabric, it was a perfect time to start the Row Along Lori Holt is doing over at her blog.  This is a free pattern she is doing in her signature style.  I for one am soooo excited!  I will also be using my American Jane stash.  It feels good to be using these fabrics I have carefully curated over the last few years.  I have decided to use up what I have and start buying fabric on a quilt by quilt basis.  I have slowed down the quilt making and I'd like to be able to buy fabric that is more in line with the recipient from here on out since I will mostly be making baby quilts and other special occasion quilts.

In other news, I am trying to train my dog to scratch my back.  He can already pick up his toys and put them away.  I should probably work on perfecting his obedience but stupid pet tricks are just more fun!  He has been a lot of fun and the last couple of days I have worn him out with a loooong morning walk which has rendered him a lump on the floor the rest of the day.  I think this will help our puppy nipping greatly!

Will you be joining the Row Along with me???


  1. I love your use of the word curate!

    Your grannies are awesome.

  2. I'm so happy that you are getting some time for yourself each day! Isn't school wonderful?? ;) Love your grannies and your choice of fabric!

    Jennifer :)

  3. I have my fabrics for the first row cut, and I plan to stitch together today or tomorrow. I'm using my 30s stash. I am excited, too!

  4. I can imagine just catching up is fabulous! The grannies look great so far :o)

  5. I am so excited that you are using American Jane fabrics for the row along. I have a few things I have to finish before I can start in on the row. As long as I don't fall too far behind I was planning on using American Jane fabrics too.

  6. These blocks are so cute. I love so many of them, but my favorite is the one with the black near the center and the red on the outside. Perfection.


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