Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A (small) finish: Petite Odile table runner

 Recently I got the chance to work with some of the upcoming French General collection, Petite Odile.  I'm doing a home decorating tutorial for the bake shop and these were my leftovers.  It's not normally the colors I sew with, but I loved sewing with it and have loved living with it.  My decorating style is "cocoon" (not the movie about old people, just coziness and warm colors).

 I don't know why but the quilt fabric I go for is usually much more child-like and quaint.  This looks so great in my house.  I love the little details of children, buttons, redwork, and letters on the fabric...all things that speak to me.

That binding fabric is to die for.  I want to wallpaper my house in it.  For now I have to settle for curtains and a table runner!


  1. Very pretty pattern. I like the stars it is making....reminds me of a Friendship Star. It would make a fun commemorative quilt pattern....you could gather signatures on the white bits.

  2. Your table runner is adorable!

  3. I love it...and I love mini's. I do. I just LOVE mini's!

  4. Your stipple on your table runner looks good. I think you are getting this free motion quilting down. Look so pretty on your table.

  5. Hi Mary
    I have been looking at this line wondering whether to buy as it is not my usual colours(being an AJ fanatic) but I may give a Jelly Roll a whirl
    Liv x


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