Wednesday, February 15, 2012

five years ago today.

Five years ago today, these guys came into our lives.  Today they are five.  Normally I feel excited and blessed when my children reach a birthday.  I love the party planning, getting gifts together, and celebrating their  lives.  This year is different.

It's not that I am not grateful for these two sweet boys being in our life...

It's just that now I realize my babies aren't...

you know...

And I am sad.

I will miss these times I will never ever get back.  Except the potty training. 

I didn't feel so sad with my first.  I think having twins makes things go by even quicker.  Except the potty training.
And by the way, I will be trying a partial feed on my blog for those using a feed reader.  I don't know if this is temporary or permanent.  I am thinking of seeking a sponsorship for this blog to help defray the costs of picture storage & tutorial supplies.   I'm not sure it's something I really want to do but if I decide to, I need to have an idea of who is actually reading in order to be fair to a potential sponsor and myself.  I hope you guys will understand.  It's not my aim to earn my living on this blog.  It's my aim to write tutorials, share what I'm up to, and sell patterns.  I don't get free fabric to do so, so this is an option I'm considering.    Feel free to let me know what you think but, if you do, please be nice about it....I have two five year olds now and you do NOT want me to unleash them on you.


  1. I really wish we lived closer cause I sure do love baby cousins...and I think secretly I truly miss mine being that little. One of my all time favorite pictures is the sprinkle play doh in that red hair. I love hearing about all their antics. They have definitely kept you on your toes these past five years! :)

  2. Mary, I love your blog. It is one of my favorite blogs, and I love reading it, even if the weeks are so busy that I have to play catchup on the weekends.

  3. The last one always seems to be the hardest, I think, I felt more of an instatn conection with my last, that I had not felt with the others, I feel closter to him, than the girls! However for me he reminds me so much of my baby Brother it is as if I have known him all my life! And I have felt that way since the moment I layed eyes on him! Happy Birthday big Boys!!
    I love all the tutorials and the fact you add family in there as well, it makes this unreal world a little more personal!

  4. How fun....and yes it is sad to see them grow up, even sadder when they leave you have me sad...

    Got some cuties there.

  5. I have twins too! My oldest is 5 and they are 3...I am in the throes of potty training and laughed out loud at your post. It's so true!

  6. Happy birthday to those two wonderful little pieces of your heart. They grow entirely too fast.

    I love reading your blog. Please don't stop writting it.

  7. Happy Birthday! I am not offended by needed to click to read more. In fact, it might help me comment instead of lurk.

  8. Go for it! Nothing wrong with turning a passion into a business. You deserve to be compensated for what you're providing.

  9. Sweet boys... love them... great post, Mary.

  10. I've learned so much about quilting from you. There's no reason you should have to take quilting time to blog, but I'm so glad that you do. It makes sense that you should get paid for it. (Or at least get free fabric for it!)

  11. I have twins,too. They are 15 years old.
    The time, when they eas small it was nice, but now, I look to him and I´m very happy.
    Have fun with the boys in each age.


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