Monday, January 23, 2012

Tutorial: Santa Sacks

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I'm gonna share how I made the Santa Sacks (reusable gift bags). I will not be giving measurements. This is a "make it do" kind of project. I have some bags that are really long and skinny and some that are fat and wide. I have huge ones and tiny ones. I went through my stash and picked out anything I thought I wouldn't use, trimmed it up into a rectangle, and used it in the size it came.

] and I also bought thrift store fabric. However it came is the size I used. You can use 1 big piece or 2 coordinating prints. This is done in the spirit of using what you have.

For each bag, you will need:
  • 2-3 inches of small ribbon, small ric rac, or twill tape.  This will be your loop.
  • length of ribbon for your bow (this will depend on how big your bag is...eyeball it and err on the side of too long)
  • 1-2 piece of fabric for the body of your bag (you can do one large piece folded up like I am showing here or sew 2 smaller pieces together) , 2 coordinating pieces 6-8"wide and the same width as your body.  If you just want to use 1 print for everything, just fold under the raw edge and create a 3" or so hem (like the casing for elastic pants).

Fold your coordinating fabric in half lengthwise.   Topstitch the folded sides of your coordinating print (top of the bag).

 Now sew your coordinating print  RSF to the top edge of your main fabric.  If it is directional, make sure it will face the correct way when sewn.  Serge or zigzag the raw edges. 

 Press your work.  Take one of the bag pieces (or just one side if the body of the bag is one piece) and place a loop on one side and the ribbon on the other.  If ribbon is two sided, make sure you sew it like the above pic (right sides turned in) so it looks right when tied.  stitch those down where your 2 fabrics meet.  This hides your imperfections and keeps you from seeing the ugly parts of the inside when it is drawn up.
 Now sew your bag up the sides (and bottom if you are using 2 separate pieces).  Make sure you don't sew over your ribbon.

 (OPTIONAL) If you want a "box bottom" bag then draw a  square from the seams or edge.   I used a 2" square here. 

 Cut the squares out.

 Flatten each square out like above and sew a seam over that line.  Serge or zigzag the seam.

 Finally turn inside out and admire your work!

 To close, scrunch the top like a pony tail and draw one tail of the ribbon through your loop.
Tie a bow.  Voila! 


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, just wonderful!

  2. How cute. How incredibly cute. I love valentine's fabric and the fast sack is great.

  3. Great tutorial! Now I can use some of that holiday fabric that will never get used otherwise. :)


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