Monday, January 16, 2012

This is how we reauxlled...

I have been back from watching the BCS Championship game in New Orleans for several days now.  Day 1 and 2 were recuperating.  Traveling and cheering take a lotta work, y'all!  The rest of the time I have been busy getting my house back in order and making some utility things.  I'm doing lots of PJ pants for my boys as well as some gift sacks..more to come on that in another post.

It was unreal to be at this football game.  I attended with my 2 sisters and only 1 of my nephews: the football lover.  I was kind of fearful of going back to New Orleans, but almost everyone was very nice.  There was the LSU fan who threw a beer bottle at someone walking behind me who dared to say "Roll Tide" when "Tigerbaited" (this is a southern thing, apologies if you don't understand).  We also got on a streetcar to see the historic cemeteries but were let out inexplicably in a bad neighborhood because the streetcars were so overloaded.  I would guess 30 minutes to an hour later a city bus rescued us.  I joked with my family that  I wanted to SEE the cemeteries...not live in one!

Alabama won (21-0!!) and we were so  thrilled, especially after the taunts and beer-bottle throwing.  It made the victory all the more sweet. Lots of strangers high-fiving and hugging.  My sign didn't make ESPN but I had lots of folks ask to take pictures of it and ask me where I had it made which was a big ego boost.

Alabama also won the battle of the patterns.  Thanks to all of you who purchased Houndstooth Heritage during the BCS pattern sale event!

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  1. I thought about you as we watched that game! Having family from AL and sharing a disdain for LSU made the game so much fun to watch. It must have been amazing to see in person. Glad you had fun!

    Jennifer :)


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