Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Interview: Sandy Klop of American Jane!

 I am SO excited to present you guys with this interview today.  Barbara Walters I am not, but I asked some things I was curious about that hopefully you will be curious about too.   At the bottom of the post, I've compiled a list of previous interviews for those of you who would like to know even more.
Q. What’s the story behind the name “American Jane”?
A.When I was planing to go to my first quilt market with my first 17 patterns, I was looking for a name but was coming up empty. Every idea I had was already a web site. So when I was teaching a class I told my students my dilemma, and one student said "let me think about this, I used to do some work for the Muppets". This student had come in a wheelchair with an assistant . I was working at the store after the class and a good fifteen minutes later she came back in the store and said" I think I have a name for you, a friend of mine just named her baby girl America Jane." At the time I wasn't even sure what my look was, but I loved Dick and Jane, Mary Janes, plain Jane, G I Jane , and Jane Doe, so why not American Jane. And that called for a flag!

Q. What is your process for creating a new quilt pattern?
A. First of all I have to have the fabric! Then I just start making blocks, and from there it goes to what ifs. I always think I'm going to write directions as I go, but I usually get quite excited and before I know it the quilt is finished!

Q. What is your favorite fabric line or print you’ve designed? 
A. I think it has to be the first one Avignon. But I just organized all my fabrics and I love them all!

Q.  I’ve noticed some of your lines seem to be inspired by vintage childhood themes whereas some have a French flair.   Is this planned or just what you're feeling at the moment?

A. The colors are the same and I have always been more drawn to the color of the fabric than the pattern so I often put a little French flavor into every quilt.

Q. What's your favorite color?  Is there a color you just do not like?
A.Red, yellow, orange, blue, and green. You'll notice I did not say purple. I have used purple but not often.  (Mary's note: I totally knew she was in the no-purple club with me...)

Q.  Can you tell us about your favorite quilt?
A. I have  have about 10 favorites so far. I show some of these at the end of my trunk show.

Q.  Do you have any words of advice for those aspiring to a career in the quilting industry?
A.  Dream big! When I started working in a quilt store , as I checked in new fabric , or put bolts away I thought I want my name on the selvage! Now I'm making a Big ball of all the selvage I trim off from my fabrics!

This quilt and others are available for sale at Sandy Klop's website, www.19quilts.com !
Q. If you had to pick any career that didn’t involve quilting & fabric, what would it be?
A.  Redoing houses maybe , I love remodeling , remaking as long as I have a big team to do what I say and do it quickly!

Below are some links to more fun interviews  and articles for those of you who want to learn more about the lady behind some of our favorite fabrics!

American Jane Patterns


  1. this is over the top awesome!!! Where do we buy Sandy Klop quilt patterns? I just want to touch the screen,,,,, do I win a visit???

  2. Awe, what a great interview! I've never had any of her fabrics or patterns...though I think I've heard the name. I'm pretty new to this 'quilting' thing.

    I love that she likes ORANGE! She's a woman after my own heart. =)

    Thanks for sharing the interview. I loved reading about how she came up with the name...and how she dreamed BIG! =)

  3. Very cool! The story about how the "American Jane" name came to be is so interesting! I had wondered! Also ... not surprised by the aversion to purple. There isn't any in the Recess line that I have or in any of the other ones I've looked at.

  4. This was an interesting interview, thank you! hmm, I like purple. Blues are my favorite though.

  5. Awesome interview. Have your palms stopped sweating yet? Or have you come down off the ceiling yet? LOL Great job.

    I LOVE her fabrics and her French Hen is just too cute.

  6. Absolutely loved this post.. I often wondered how she came up with the name American Jane. I adore all of her fabrics. I keep changing which one is my favourite! One day it's Peas & Carrots, the next Recess..I bet you know what I mean!!

  7. I had no idea A Breath of Avignon was American Jane. That was the first jelly roll I bought and I made 3 unique pillows from it. On the other hand, I did know the Punctuation quilt I made was American Jane though! (I need to get that was quilted lol)

  8. I see it has been a year since the last comment. I have just printed off your Jack's Hills pattern from the Moda Bakeshop, and there is mention of the Sandy Klop interview. I have used 2 American Jane lines of Precuts and love them. They make up into quilts with great presence. I have loved Sandy Klop since I first saw those video interviews. She is a person which such enthusiasm and such a Joie de Vivre. I also loved reading your story about the quilt market and your interview with Sandy. So exciting that you could be in contact with a person you admire so much.


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