Saturday, August 27, 2011

Introducing: Houndstooth MAGIC!

Hey everyone.  Remember Houndstooth Heritage?  It's my no-bias method for creating a beautiful 56"x64"Houndstooth quilt.  Why no bias?  Well, bias edges scare a lot of new sewists.  What about the more experienced quilters?  Well, now I have created an addendum to Houndstooth Heritage which involves SUPER quick and easy piecing.  I am calling it

Houndstooth Magic!

What's different???
     This new addendum replaces steps 1-6 on Houndstooth Heritage.  It also requires less fabric to complete your quilt top.  Because this option involves strip piecing, there will be bias edges.  If you're not comfortable with that, just follow the original Houndstooth Heritage pattern from beginning to end.

What's the same???
    The backing requirements and binding requirements are the same.  The finished quilt size and block sizes are the same.  If you choose to use this option, all you do is follow Houndstooth Magic and pick up on step 7 on Houndstooth Heritage to complete your quilt.  Easy Peasy!

Both are on sale in my my etsy shop for one low price.

If you have purchased Houndstooth Heritage, I have mailed you access to the PDF of Houndstooth Magic.  All future purchases of Houndstooth Heritage include Houndstooth Magic FREE OF CHARGE.  Thanks to all of you who have believed in me and purchased my patterns!

If for some reason you own Houndstooth Heritage but did not receive an email from me about Houndstooth Magic, please contact me marylane_brown at yahoo dot com

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  1. Thanks for the addendum. Love houndstooth. Catching up with your blog. Good stuff here.


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