Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You know you hopped on the crazy train when...

You simply THINK about making a small baby quilt with your little stash of your favorite fabrics and all of a sudden...

 you find yourself online scouring for discontinued prints... pre-loading your hancock's-of-paducah cart with the next line that's not even available until October... finding your own blog several times in the process because you have talked about this fabric just that much.

 Your palms are sweaty...
 though you haven't used the last bundle you bought quite yet. 

 And you keep wondering if you should call the quilt shop 3 hours away that carries said fabrics
and telling them to set aside a tub with your name on it for quilt festival in October.

I love American Jane so dang much!!!  What fabric makes you feel a little outta control???


  1. I just got my fat quarter bundles of Happy Zombie's Happy Mochi Yum Yum. I had to take it out to the garage, put it in my car, in the tote of emergency supplies in case I break down in the middle of nowhere.....I was so excited to start sewing with it, I had to hide it so I could calm down! It is the cutest dang fabric line and I have NEVER bought fat quarter bundles before. Completely blew through my budget for fabric this month and next!

  2. Recess.
    My all time favorite fabric.
    Why oh why did I not buy 5 yards of every print???


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