Monday, April 25, 2011

Picnic & Fairgrounds...oh, the plans I have for you.

I was lucky enough to find every single Denyse Schmidt Picnic&Fairgrounds print.  I may kick myself later, but I decided to only buy the picnic colorway (minus the lone yellow print).  I came home and immediately decided to pull some of my stash from the "favorite favorites" drawer where I house my vintage fabrics and American Jane stash.

I pulled lots of American Jane Building Blocks, a vintage shirting fabric, and another vintage aqua fabric.
And when I spotted my little vintage pink elephant pillow panel, I decided I had to go back and get more of the red/pink prints...6 yards more.  My sister-in-law is pregnant and in case this is a girl I got this while I could.  I want this to be a special quilt and what could be more special than that cute elephant?  With Joann's coupon prices, I went ahead and bought 3 yards of the giant gingham for backing.  I bought a good bit of both the red gingham prints because I am a gingham girl and at $5/yard it will go with a lot of my projects.  I have 3 panels of the elephants so I thought if the quilt turned out cute I might kit the other 2 panels with some of this yardage.  I used coupons on everything, so nothing was over $6/yard.  I really don't buy fabric that much (despite what my sister thinks, ahem), but when I do get in the mood to get more, I tend to buy a lot.  Hi, I'm Mary...and I binge on fabric. 

I'm cutting up rectangles for a king size staggered rectangle quilt (no points matching!).  This isn't all of the prints I am using.  I have over 20 prints total and I'm just cutting as I can.  When I have close to 300, I will start piecing and hope for the best.  I may edit out those pieces that are broken up into 2 prints.  They are causing too much of a visual break for me.  I may just put them on the edges so it's not as distracting...depends how many pieces I need.

Are you giving in to the Picnic&Fairgrounds juggernaut?

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  1. I really love the fabrics you've pulled to supplement the DS Quilts fabrics. I find fabric selection difficult. You, however, have it mastered!


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