Friday, April 15, 2011

New Pattern: Tiger Tails!

If you have been reading this blog a long time you will remember that I created Houndstooth Heritage, a no bias houndstooth quilt pattern, for my sisters. They are huge fans of Alabama football (and the houndstooth is our thing!). Loving Alabama football is pretty much mutually exclusive with liking Auburn football.

Well, I was blessed to have found a distributor for Houndstooth Heritage with a company that distributes NCAA licensed fabric and notions! I was then asked to create a pattern for Auburn and LSU...both have Tiger mascots...2 birds, one stone. I did an internal "balk" but when I talked to my brother-in-law, an Auburn fan, he sounded excited and asked me to make him an Auburn Tigers quilt. Well, what matters more than football is family...and my brother in law Justin is a good man and a great brother-in-law. I was happy to oblige him and he gave me the inpiration to put love into making this pattern. He has never asked me for anything but he took care of my mother in her dying days (he is a nurse practitioner) and we all love him deeply for that.  His mother is an amazing hand quilter so I never planned on making him anything since her quilts are so much more wonderful than mine.  I am glad to have an opportunity to do something for him.

 You cannot use licensed NCAA fabric in a quilt pattern without getting your own pattern licensed...fine by me, I am on a solids kick!
 You can change the stripes for your team...Cincinatti Bengals, LSU Tigers, Auburn Tigers, RHS Golden Tigers (my alma mater!).  The stripes are achieved by what I am calling "guided improvisation".  AKA- I used a LOT of fabric and sewed a lot of  ways to figure out how to make it look REAL.  I hope I succeeded
My sister is not thrilled about having this in her home, so I am giving her this quilt to appease her:

PDF patterns can be purchased through my etsy shop at a discounted rate.  If you are interested in carrying this in a shop, it will also be available in paper form...just email me at marylane_brown at yahoo dot com for details.

And for the record, ROLL TIDE!

Have you ever made a sports quilt?


  1. Love the way you created Tiger stripes. & Congratulations on publishing a pattern!

  2. You did a good job on the tiger stripes - I like it

  3. Very cool!!

    When I get my business license and finally (if) I ever get my little business going, I am mainly interested in selling patterns and floss. So I will let you know. I would love to carry some of your patterns!

  4. I've made two football team quilts. One for each of my two older sons. Used the same materials, just did different designs. We love the Miami Dolphins!
    Here's one of them

  5. LOVE it! Even though I live in Cincinnati, I'm a Steelers fan. But this would make a perfect gift for some of the poor Bengal fans in my life. Love it. Yeah - might have to make that Houndstooth, too.


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