Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Houston Rodeo Quilt Show: Part 4

Alright, cowpokes...we are wrappin' it up.  Here are the last of the pictures from the Rodeo Quilt Show. I can't wait to hear your favorites from the series.

Christmas Quilt.
This was called "King James Would Be Pleased."  I think it was for the anniversary of the translation of the King James Bible.  I really like that weaving red and black section and I thought "I could make a quilt out of that" but guess what...I already did!  That looks like Helix!  Here I thought I was so original.  Nothing new under the quilting sun...
My mother in law noticed these "twin quilts. 
It seems the judges preferred the lighter colored one and I have to say I agree.  They are both well made but I am just not a purple person.

I hope y'all have enjoyed your peek into the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show.  If you have one chance to go to Houston, go in October to the International Quilt Festival!  If you have two chances, come to Rodeo Houston, too!

Did you have a favorite quilt in all that I've shown or did you see something that inspired you?  Leave a comment, I'd love to hear!

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  1. There really were so many quilts of lovely inspiration!!

    P.S....been to the MBS contest flikr group lately? I think you need an award for the MOST used recipe!!


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