Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feelin' Grooooovy...

My church is full of talented women but among my favorites are three sisters- Vicki, Alisa, and Luanne. I just call them "the sisters".  The sisters are excellent applique quilters and they have been such a resource and encouragement to me on my quilting journey. They went to preview night at market and hunted down Angela Yosten at the Moda Bakeshop booth to tell Angela "WE KNOW HER!!!" They are sweet & encouraging and incredibly funny. Friday night they were teaching applique at church and Vicki brought her stash for people to use. She sorted her stash by decades! She had her 80s fabrics and her 90s/current fabrics in baskets. She told us she had 60's 70's at home but it was too ugly so she left it at home. My friend Cynthia piped up and begged her to go get it so she did.

I am SO GLAD she did!  Do you see all the awesome vintage loveliness???  I told Vicki it reminded me of a quilt my mother made for me when she was pregnant with me.  It was a raw edge leaf applique made from various 70s fabrics.   Alisa told me to take all the fabric (don't you love how she felt free to give her sister's stash away) and Vicki told me I could take whatever I I did.  I wanted to just throw it all in my car and run but I was so very good and got a little off of each piece.  I have a nice sized stack.  I need your help to figure out what kind of quilt to make, though!

The cool thing is when I got home I found the very quilt I had told Vicki about and it featured the very fabric I had picked out for my first applique lesson! 

I have been looking for fabric like this in thrift stores, yard sales, and even on craigslist.  I wanted to make a quilt that reminded me of my childhood quilts and growing up.  Now it will be extra special because it will remind me of Vicki, too.  She is an amazing person (and it's not just because she offered her vintage stash to me!).

So y'all...I need help!  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the best way to showcase this once in a lifetime fabric haul.  I'm half tempted to do simple sqaures.  I've thought about raw edge daisy appliques.  I just don't know!  What would you do?


  1. I was beginning my piecing and quilting adventure back then. My caution would be to be sure it's laundered and dried in the dryer before using it. Often those thread counts were embarrassingly low!

  2. love the vintage fabric! i just have a huge chest waiting for me at my father in laws..this makes me want to go discover it tonight!

  3. Very lucky girl! Years ago I found a bag of fabric pieces my great grandmother had cut for a quilt. Unfortunately the fabric was falling apart. Some of it had rust stains from a safety pin that was in the bag. I would have loved to have made at least something out of it. I bet that was the hardest thing I've ever gotten rid of!

  4. I don't know what to tell you to make. Just whatever you I know you will.

  5. Curious. :o)
    Have you decided what you would like to create with your new fabrics?
    love, Trish


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