Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quilt Festival part 4: This Iron is Hot.

Meet the i-touch iron.  It's hot.  Not just in degrees, but as in WANT IT, GOTTA HAVE IT!  It's $150 and was designed by the son of tailors.  You NEVER have to pick it up.  It stays in this position.  The iron "pops up" when not in use to save your wrists from wasted motion.  It has a HUGE steam reservoir (about twice that of my home iron) and 30 min auto shutoff (vs. 3 or 4 minutes for many home irons...or NO auto shutoff like my thrift store iron which is equally terrible and a major fire hazard).  This is so much more stable and safe than putting an iron up on it's end.  I personally have witnessed one of my boys tipping over an iron and burning his leg all because of how unstable irons are when placed on their ends.  We need this iron in our house...for safety.  I will be pitching the safety angle to my engineer husband, BELIEVE IT!

 And if you have an i-touch you really need this ironing board cover.  When your ironing board gets hot, the heat sensitive loincloth magically disappears. about making ironing fun!  They did have a female version.  Major giggles.  Cue the veteran festival goers probably looking at us and going "hmpph...AMATEURS."
And what quilt retreat would be complete without this nightgown: "PROMISCUOUS, will sleep with every quilt I meet."  
Quilter humor never gets old.


  1. Hmm I sense a theme in your posting hehe. That iron was amazing. Ironing board cover? Sneh. I mean it's not like that guy is Clive Owen.

  2. My only question is just this: Did you get to see the ironing board cover after the loincloth disappeared????? ;)


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