Friday, September 17, 2010

A tale of 2 fabrics...

Sometimes I resell fabric. I find a discontinued bolt of a hard-to-find print languishing away on the clearance shelf in a quilt shop and I feel it is my civic duty to rescue it for resale so somebody can enjoy it to the fullest. Did I mention the upside is a hefty profit which allows me to purchase even MORE fabric??? It's a win/win/win. The LQS gets rid of a hard-to-sell bolt of fabric, I get money to buy more fabric, and somebody gets to enjoy creating with a fabric that is hard to find.

Well, because *I* sometimes do this, I made the assumption that all people reselling fabric on etsy or ebay do something similar. I bought 4 prints of Katie Jump Rope at a LQS for $4 and $5/yard recently. MAJOR score. I planned on reselling some of yardage but acquiring other prints from the line with my profits to give myself an awesome quilt in lucious fabric. I was delighted to find other prints to round out my quilt for $3.23 and $3.99/yard on etsy.

First off, the lady described the orange prints as red. She insisted I was wrong. Yes...EVERYBODY ELSE is wrong...EVERYBODY who is describing the same prints as orange. I ordered a yard of "red" but got more of the orange I already had. The lady was pretty rude about the whole thing. The price was cheap...but so was the customer service.

I'ts all good, right? I still got great quality fabric for 1/3 of the price...or did I?

I dunno if my shoddy photography skills were able to capture this, but the quilt shop print is much whiter on the back. I think it might be because the fabric is thicker (therefore less translucent).

I really wish you could see this in person. I don't know if it is seconds, rejects, or what. Common sense really should have told me someone could not afford to purchase first quality fabric from freespirit and still be able to turn a profit on $3.23/yard. This person had bolts and bolts for sale...Heather Ross prints, Denyse Schmidt...lots of big time fabric designers.

You can still find great deals on etsy...people are always destashing or lucking up on a great find like I do. Just remember when a wholesaler is selling great fabrics at rock bottom prices, you might be getting the print you want, but you are taking a crap shoot on customer service and quality.

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