Sunday, June 27, 2010

I've been working on some new things with the Juki. I don't wanna say I'm in a stippling rut, because I really like stippling. I would like to know some different ways to quilt things so I have been trying my hand at other techniques like pebbles, loops, vines, and hearts. I really don't enjoy straight line quilting, but I would like to try it more. Maybe it will grow on me. My oldest son helped with some of these free motion drawings (and yes, I was terrified). He's wanting to learn to sew. I really don't want to teach him because I'm a terrible teacher, but I've decided if I want my kids to care about what I do in 20 years I have to share with them now while they are willing. Ya know, cats-in-the-cradle type stuff. He made a rockin' spongebob pillowcase this week.

We're heading to Mississippi and Alabama for hour semi-annual pilgrimage to see our families. I made up some potholders and some traveling art shows to give as gifts. The traveling art show tutorial can be found here.

I'm also carrying quilts. I know everybody is thrilled to get a huge quilt in July, right??? I kind of despise the above quilt. I told my nephew to pick what colors and pattern he liked. He selected a quilt he found on Red Pepper Quilts. She makes lovely quilts, but I found myself trudging through this one despite its simplicity. The machine broke TWICE while creating the quilt. It took so long to complete due to all the machine drama I've had recently. I discovered that no matter how beautiful someone else's' style is, the entire point of making a quilt for a loved one is giving them something personal that is infused with your creativity and love. From now on, I might ask someone if they like a certain color or a certain pattern, but this will be the last quilt I make that is almost completely designed by someone else. Sorry about the wrinkles...I have shoved this monster in the closet to block out all the bad memories!

Lastly, we have a tale of two quilts. I purchased a lot of University of Alabama themed fabrics in order to create a quilt for a sibling. It took forever for me to figure out how to use the novelty prints. I don't live in Alabama and I don't have easy access to most of these fabrics, so I had to make sure I calculated everything wisely. The first quilt is a super size shoo fly (free pattern on the Sew Mama Sew site). I modified the size and added a border in order to be able to use the fabric I had since I cannot access more. I ended up having enough left over to do a single Irish Chain quilt in the same fabrics. I love that quilt. It is most definitely on my to-do list for the future. Maybe I will make a pair for the twins when they move into twin size beds. I love the simplicity of it.

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